Fallout 4 Tips: 8 Tips for Mastering the Wasteland in Fallout 4 game xapk games

Fallout 4 Tips: 8 Tips for Mastering the Wasteland in Fallout 4

8 Tips for Mastering the Wasteland in Fallout 4:Fallout 4 is huge and complex. Let us help lighten the load with these essential, spoiler-free Fallout 4 tips. Subscribe for more Fallout 4! time-saving Fallout 4 tips involve supply lines for settlements via the Local Leader perk, waiting by sitting down, putting your companion in power armour, removing mods from your old weapons and making the most of the cover system. Did you know you can wait in Fallout 4? This is a really useful feature if you don’t like exploring at night, or a shop you want to visit isn’t open, or someone you’re trying to visit isn’t where they usually are.In previous Fallout games, you could wait wherever you wanted. Now, you need to sit down. Once you sit you’ll be given the option to wait. It’s the Y button on Xbox One. It also turns out brackets are the key to easier hacking in Fallout 4. If you can find a set of brackets of any kind that open and close themselves properly, you can highlight them and hit A for a hacking bonus. Either a dud word will be removed from the potential passwords, or occasionally your number of tries will be reset. We played through the whole of Fallout 3 and New Vegas without realising that this was possible, so we're now pretty mad at computers, brackets and Todd Howard, in that order. Jumpin Boogie Woogie by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (Xbox brings you daily videos about Xbox 360 games and Xbox One games. Join us for new gameplay, original videos, previews, achievements and other things (ask us about the other things). Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments. Find us at to us at Like us on Facebook at us on Twitter at a t-shirt on your body

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