Fallout’s Mini Nukes Really Exist game day speaker games

Fallout’s Mini Nukes Really Exist

The Fallout series has a heavy dose of nuclear weapons in its games, but could one of its most famous ones actually exist? Kylegames the science on this week's Because Science!Grab your new Because Science merch here: for more Because Science: science: more Because Science: Kyle Hill: us on FB: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: Nerdist: Science every Thursday.Learn more:• KING OF THE WILD FRONTIER: KING OF THE ATOMIC FRONTIER: NUCLEAR WEAPON DESIGN: FUSION-BOOSTED FISSION WEAPONS: DAVY CROCKETT: “WALKING GHOST” PHASE: THE PHYSICS OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS:

Paige Kotera

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Phoinex Girl

Punishing kids helps them learn, how is dreams involved?

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Arsh Ghuman Ghuman

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You didn't mention how it's implied that Eli has a boy named Ralph crushed to death in Mother Base to scare the children into submission... Ralph obviously being the main character of Lord of the Flies and Jack's main rival in the story. He also is killed in the same way the character Piggy is killed in the novel- the only character that was deliberately murdered, and Ralph's primary supporter- with equipment replacing the boulder used to murder Piggy

Austin Goodenough

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Onajet OS

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Aden Jarvis

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Courir Norte

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Mahmoud Aly

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c r e d i t c a r d

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Hassan M.

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the zehra channel zehra

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Belida Renaldy

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what if they never predicted it but only sparked them?

Adrian Perez

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Becky Starr

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Copcrazy The Youtuber

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