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Feline King Kong Attacks New York

The ultimate cat video? The ultimate O-scale metropolis? Watch the FIRST THREE MINUTES. You be the JUDGE!


Lil skies killed this

Dutch Van der linde

Be a bouncy ball, bounce back !

Diego BZK

Puta mierda

Me: shoots

Wyatt Tverstol

Isn’t the DPHQ2 a fun zone it self

Volkan Şahin


Mico Mallari

Lol justin bieber as drake


Is the video's length supposed to be something?


Signature dunk by Ty


Wow this is really well made! i love you~


Team cody

Arabian Mariam

I'm so excited! This movie actually got me hyped, not those lame live actions. And Elsa, slayyyy Queen 😍

Mini Bot

If you subscribed to pew die pie, then go to Jonah Gregory and subscribe. The kid one

Breezefeather Animates

You realise if you’re being deported, you don’t get a choice.

Reason2 Craft

Ah, i see Me:*I want to be Jin (Bts) Wife!!*

AR1NUM [αя]

It's the lady who voices the office romance stuff!!!

Lee Ning Reaction

I bet a least 1Gig of Talos Principle is just Easter Eggs aha, Love it.

Pills Stealer

You forgot to mention that if you push the cube off GLaDos says "what are you doing? you monster!"

Møønlïght Røsë

My grandpa dad and when that happened I felt useless


Damn,😂this was nearly two years ago

Hoàng DeathPool

Hope both GSW and Raptors will play in game 7


@theturdinators it's fake




2019 anyone

nev luvsroses

Yo I think Elsa bout to go Endgame on us 👀

Mairéad Seoighe

f in the chat

Moaz Manar


Pandora princess Gacha!


William Colon

Why is every comment a sentence meme

Carolina G.

I would feel bad for shooting those cuties

Alex Thorne

Hell yeah, MGS4 easter in AC:B.


Jaiden: I'm like a fine dining fancy video-making chef.


My favorite was the 60 yard!


Real life:don't do drugs kids

Seth Moore

my little brother did the same thing that the rage monster did cept to our tv

Will Hossack

2018 halloween vids

Conner Mervine


Jerico Noga

That a imposible shot =)

Bella Moorehe989899988889888899888ad

The purple mow-ser won

Andrea A

OCD isn't something to joke about

yoongi's 30000 won neck pillow

Voldemort a whole asmr artist

Pasión Automotríz

"You might be able to erase the markings, but the memories will never dissapear", so fucking awesome Mr. Kojima!

Michael Praszker

Did anyone catch the Ringer reference


DID you see the 100% hapiness donut AD?? So we can’t swear and get MONEY But people om Ads can.....nice...

Logan Engstrom

teacher: ok class what robot did you make for your project. student: uuuuhhh this 1:55. teacher: get out

noman ejaz

tyler is a cheater


Who else knew within the first 5 seconds that it was Joanne?

Random RALF

Thats why I love you guys

fortnite pt

Is fake?

Jennifer Muller

Nerf slip and slide

Robin Olovsson

Amaizing video Guru, as they use to be! :) This one was a little special and cool! :D Hava a good day!

Leong Mun

Thx guru your video always make me happy so i can forget about other stuff

Fan Made

2019..? I lost my comment btw

Gage Stephenson

Rip mom 😒😞😔😟😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩🥺😢😭😦😧

Yat Jengmer

God knows what he does, His heart will be blessed.


Well in the Irish bar (uncharted 3) there is a newspaper on the counter with the headline: "Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus."


U got struck by lightning=__=,I had been electrocuted and it was 10000000 volts

Natasja Louise Allerup

I hope they are giving this movie the darkness they didn’t give us in the first movie (Elsa was really gonna be an evil queen) 😍

LORDE 2729

same shit over and over again.. there i said it.

Raneisha Morris

So damn nice am crying right now 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

He simply and plainly exposed that he cannot be trusted and that he confronts personal issues as immaturely as possible.


and my parents compare to others

Boi wot

bruh i know he not wearing some low ass below the ankle socks