Fighting Games Challenge Top 8 | The ATP Fight Companion hvh game games

Fighting Games Challenge Top 8 | The ATP Fight Companion

#TEKKEN7 #TWT2019It's been a while since the last Mystery Gosu, I'll probably cut a few more highlights but enjoy the tapes in the meantime-- Watch live @

Truth Hurts

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Daniel Liu

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Benjamin Smith

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Skylar Gaming

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Ekrem Emin

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Record Finder

As someone who has suffered from these type illnesses i can say I’m really happy that you made a video but next time can you show more of the pain and side affects because I think if a new how much it would hurt that my past self would chill w the weight loss obsession

Spirit Gaming14

I love how cheif has only two sets of dialogue

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Toyang Santos

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Charaykee Shilla

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Speed Rubriker

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Christian Kovach

In the Mario one it looks more like an alien not a fucking ghost smh get it right y'all



Jamenci Sartre

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Robert Depta

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luna chan



I wonder if a Recon easter egg from BFF will be found. Noob was in the trailer, and the medic and engineer are in the campaign. Wouldnt seem right if other members of the cast didnt get a spot in the game.