Final Fantasy XV Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?" united games

Final Fantasy XV Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Karak reviews Final Fantasy 15.Systems tested PS4, PS4pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S.Beat on PS4Thanks to "you know who" for the early retail copy.Square also supplied a code for additional system testing. If you decide to buy it feel free to use the affiliate link belowam not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details.I cover videos games onps4, xbox one, pc, steam, xbox 360, Wii, Wiiu, and NX as well as companieslike Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo►Subscribe to ACG the following links if buying this game or other games. It helps my channel►My Amazon Affiliate Link Stuff & Reddit►My Twitter: on Googleplay Itunes: Stuff►game supplied by PR is purchased as well upon its releaseBuy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch it. The Patented Karak review system to see if a game is worth a buy.

Noah Gang

TEAM COBY!!!!!!!!!

Mollie Harmes

This is terrifying!!! Could this just happen to anyone? Oh god.



Look at tyler on the thumbnail....


Make more of these movie vids :D

aria lauritzen

you could obviously tell she was upset and didn’t want this to happen but stuck to her word. you took the complete wrong path, sorry but you really are

Conor Kennedy

Who else lovvvesssss dudeperfect

Tree Funk Jones

can't even watch a damn cereal commercial without getting all glitchy. why should I feel like I live in bad WiFi all the time?

Ceres Morningstar

wow so impressive. now u guys can wear a mask n cape n become batman and robins


Varun Bopanna


potato girl

FBI open up


Cory is like the ONLY DP Member to go back-to-back wheel spin


I am

TTL gamer

Biết tiếng việt sao ko ghi ra đi

s kadrofske

Who's the dude in the white a 4:19


YOU FORGOT THE BAR FIGHT EASTER EGG! On the level great balls of fire (the bar level) grab a bottle and hit anyone in the bar in the head with it, the game will cut to a man that screams bar fight! and you can go around punching people.

Olivia Champagne

That was an intense dab


Meadaux Heinrich

i didnt now there were twins hmm

charle bucket vs richie rich

Anthony Sifuentes

This is shit music not even good at all just because he's singing I'm high right now like WTF is he's talking about fuck his song and fuck this dude how did this ever happen to old school music all he's doing is singing I'm high and what's with the girl's body all over him like really what's that about, music used to be all about love family friends love your mom and dad and being happy what you're doing in life. Goddamn Mumble rappers you brain-dead idiot

Joshua Brownlow

McDonald won until Wendy came in.

But my pound is still thesame.

Angel Cocio

what is the first game called??? anyone

Pakito el chocolatero

I am not quite sure, but I think the last easter egg has something to do with the myth of the cavern by Platon.

"Looks like that's nothing special"

General Magma Raz


Jake Davis

At my school my friends and me created a club called dude decent we did decent trick shots

Valerie Carballo

Change your OBGYN

DR1P_ Aquá

Pray for Mr. Minion 🙏🏼🍌

Ana Rivera

I actually thought this was like a real person till like 3 minuets into the video


Dude he should’ve bought a lottery ticket instead

Someone else

This is lit

pephantomelite gaming

Nothing but support towards you that’s messed up

Kill Ronaldo

160 like forget did you find all of these easter eggs?

Concepta Neal

I’m just glad your ok


Is the exploding sheep a reference to Worms games


Some Trumpet Player

I never thought that barbarian would ever make it, or survive two years underwater.

Rhea Austria

I hate the rage monster every stereotypes

Caleb Forslund

Hey DP, you haven't forgot THIS SlingSHOT, have you?

I mean NObody

The Dancer

Team coby all the way


This is amazing!!!!! Cant Rudy❤️ get some award for his ideas, work and music???!!!!! Anwar❤️ and Hannah❤️ also!!!!


That look that Cowboy gave Tony after the late hit though...