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Francis hates the Internet - Cute Animals

This is just a test run for a new series.I don't know if it is any good or not.I need your feedback to find out.Let me know.Follow me on social media and elsewheremy websitetwitter:

Addison Sample

This was so emotional

Krystel Beaulieu-Thibault

Number 4 is cancer you weeaboo!

Lorraine Kataria




Trent Robinson

There are gnomes in some boards too. They always change position though.


Thank you. Here's an interesting fact: Dental floss has superb textile strength.


... why did I think off Logan Paul

Colin Buckley

October 2018 anyone

Master Gaming

d o the space needle

Morgan Greene

I would love to see some Half-life 2 easter eggs.

GreatGorillaGustavs B

3:07 also looks cool

Nathan McClure

Hockey trick shots?

Haki Core


Marco Turzo

I watched this video cause I thought it would be funny cause I just recently went skiing and I got a rly fad injury when I went full speed straight into a tree and now I’m glad that it is over and most of these stereotypes I understood however after I watched this video my mum said that we r going skiing again..... wish me luck I guess


8:47 my grandmother has a bigger safety pin at home ahaha Idk why ahah


I'm a coffee shop. gets called coffee shop in credits I was laughing for SO LONG

Mlp Lps Gacha

I stud up to my bully!

Akshit Prasad

So is seige dead game panic panic???


I think i know what you're talking about. When he said if you see this vid somewhere else then it has been stolen. It doesn't mean he thinks he's the first who found it, he just doesn't want people people downloading this vid or something and putting it on their channel claiming they made the vid.

Josh Bertholf



Xbox get that lgbtq logo off your avi please 😂😂😂

Rival pro Adams Adams

What is that Tony Romo the pizza deliver

Kučka CZ

Já jsem čech

Phan On fire


L Lawrence

Ty is obsessed with flipping ladders but it's fine he can flip what ever he wants

A Lori

I'm the guy who bites on the pickle like if you are to

That One Guy From Psychics USA

Anyone else here a smuggler?


i like the part where he threw the basketball

Adasyn Hayes

Garrets t-ball fail

J Eagles

Lets gooooo

Psn. XxasrarxX

Ps5 is better

Adeng Malu

What's with trump and walls?

Kimtei Ralte

Other youtubers never focus on the doctor that much anyway...You are making him uncomfortable

Madyx Shaw

Ty's dad looks a lot like him.

striker outter