Fred V & Grafix - Downpour game day speaker games

Fred V & Grafix - Downpour

Merry christmas to you all! A beautiful track from Fred V & Grafix, available for free download,what else do you want? :)Subscribe if you enjoyed the track :)Follow me on:[Facebook] my uploads on SaintsOfSerenity:V & Grafix:

Oh and this vid was awesome!! :)

Koko Ya


The giant slide thing looked fucking awesome, thou. Like, I'd have so much fun with everything Gray bought! ❤️

Nicholas Domanico

I wish I could do this stuff

Maude Gail

i realy like dude perfect likebit

Shay L

bruh moment when they could of just thrown it in the cup instead of making a masheen


Everyone says zombies sound like they're saying "Yaba my icing", I always hear it more like "my eyes, mate" :P

junrick jaque

im a kid


It’s sad that mom have abortion to their child ☹️ Basically murdering a baby☹️ Like why would they want to do it (you know) in the first place if their just gonna kill their kid?


let me just throw $800 down the drain on a fucking console

Nyan Queijeiro

anonymous_sisters_ official_

Awesome reality😟I were also fought with ANXIETY...!

Sheriphen Mangacop

what was the robot can i see cool robot

Kawaii-leo* 11

Nether world graduate but panda would altho he did graduate alredy?


If you’re extroverted friends force your introverted self to go to a party and just ditch you, you need new friends. I don’t know why, but almost every extrovert I’ve met seems to have an enormous amount of difficulty understanding that my not leaving the house has nothing to do with depression. I’m actually tempted to get a t-shirt to wear in public that says “I’m not depressed, I just don’t like you.” Which is true. I’m not just an introvert, I’m a recluse and the few friends I do have just accept that they might only rarely hear from me.

Cikal Ramadhanti

in love with the color tone in this video💛

Mike Budreau

do a fortnite battle if i get atleast 165 thumbs up i will break my 1,000,000 computer

Jacob Timothy

They have come a long way

scrubudubdub the 2nd derpiest person on youtube

COOLEST. INTRO. EVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!like if you agree

Dylan Sterling


Sorry if I hurt your feelings

ink rune

I remember one day where I was at the store with my dad, and we were minding our own business. At this point we were in the line to check out. There was an elderly woman in front of us. Personally, I like to compliment random strangers on things I like about them - I've only ever gotten a compliment back once, but it still feels great, and people usually thank me.


that boy can throw.

Tom Crute

In number 4 there is also a crash bandicoot reference hidden in the bottom left by the chest of draws

Matt Fernandez

Inga seems uncomfortable around Alvin. Is she like intimidated by him? Ive noticed in all her videos that shes very insecure. I dont think shes suitable as a vlogger.


Only OGs of 1m can like this

Again it was just a joke

Abja Wirth

tom brADY

Moonlight Is me

so u forgot. ur stuff and all that.., U REMBER THIS!?!?!?!

On the other, offended snowflakes that apparently hate people that say JOKINGLY "I am so OCD lmeo"

Brendon Hutton


Juggin Hector


Suzanne Jupp


Also player: I hate this item though

lee lee

You have wonderful parents. You are not a burden, you are the reason they are living. You were born to be their daughter and they your parents. They do what they do because they love you.

sam Petriello

I love your videos

Genavee Maines

This is the same girl but telling other people's storys