G2 vs FNC Highlights | LEC Summer 2019 Week 3 Day 1 | G2 Esports vs Fnatic game ok naam games

G2 vs FNC Highlights | LEC Summer 2019 Week 3 Day 1 | G2 Esports vs Fnatic

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Question Mark

This kid is the truth...Gonna be a superstar...

John Griffin

All money in J ...Keep that brinks truck rollin 60 miles an hour ...God Bless King Nip..

You ever think aboot goin to voice instead of text overlays? Just curious :/




How many times do these guys try a trick before they make it?? Pretty amazing regardless.Very entertaining channet

Tyler Maldonado

the dear esheter one is scary!


Your the only YouTube channel I'll go to to look at easter eggs keep up the good work and also could you do a top ten easter eggs on "Destiny"

Aja Sibley

The world is based on stealing, if your not someone is there always will be and there's no way to entirely alleviate it, the only way to do better is to steal for yourself, that's just how the world works it dosent reward hard laybor because working as hard as you can will never be as effective as ripping off 2 men to work just as hard. Implying a part of you dies when you take advantage of this is disgusting the world is capitolist not some commune Utopia, this video feels more like it's pushing some corporate agenda to encourage compliance. Shit like this is what keeps people's heads down and what makes people spend the rest of thier life behind a desk.


I_I #1 wow


I'm just saying Guru, If I where you I'd deactivate the comment section.

Walter White

No just no

Taine Paki

Knights of columbus dale

Colton M


3- burger

Im poking the hornet's nest, asshole Ramone

Jesus, these children running for that first comment like its the last escape pod on a ship lol Awesome video, I remember seeing the green eggs but didn't think much because the ham wasn't green haha

Shilah Lewis

I have a social anxiety this hit me hard I’m shaking. shaking!!

Matt C

45k people commented on this OMG! What the hell is this really sorry dude

ĐăngKhoa Games


Dumrong Saiung

3:42 Perfect Edition Of John Wick

Carolyn Bennett

THAT IS JUST ABUSE!!!!!!!my parents broke up bc they were not getting along (wasn’t married amazingly)but my mum didn’t abuse me........she should be arrested she deserves it

Syrus Angi

Ok I'm calling it right now1. Ice2. Wind3. Fire4. Earth

LOLofbest 1

Michale Jordan

God Bros

My highest score is 38

Rolando Leon

Codyjas the worst one out of them all

Itz. Chancla

Is it just me or am wondering what happened with the dad


Kinda of disappointed to see how similar the gunplay is to Max Payne 3. I did not exactly enjoy the feel of guns in MP3, they initially felt pretty cheap/unsatisfying and took quite awhile to get used to or accept.

Just Mohib



nice video dude

Artic void755

I’m a simple guy I see thumbnail I click

Jacob Kiker

Do another one all sport golf battle

Our Channel Sucks

My fav was DPHQ2 tour video

edigamery09 edigamery09


I'm guessing you're a fan of Dilla , as well ..?

LumberJackJess 1

They're with Todd from Barley Productions


Man the cards faker than the foam


0:58 Freddie...


Somehow...this story sound's like when a girl survived a 10,000 fall, with her MOTHER DYING AND SHE SURVIVING!? IT IS THE SAME DAMN THING!? YOU COPY CAT BITCHES!? WTF!?

Trinity Cole Gaming

What if they found out that Tarzan is there brother 😱

righi shahrazed

me with my dads pistol : you wanna have a bad time ? |

Hai! Hai!

I had my period for 6 months straight but no cramps....just always hungry

Emi Don


Its_Fan tik

I:40 when you know you made a crime RUN!


I thought it was fake at first


I had a friend who I’ve known for a long time. He was kind, sweet, generous and could make me smile. But, it was always walking on eggshells around him. He always believed he was right, got explosively angry when people turned against him, and constantly whines how much the world hated him. Even the little things like his favorite football team losing could send him spiraling. He would surround himself with friends, then immediately shove them away if they said anything out of turn, and claim it was they who abandoned him. At one point he attempted suicide but luckily was found and was hospitalized. No matter how much we tried to support him, it wasn’t enough. The breaking point for me came when he snapped at us for suggesting he needed to get help.

Sean Turner

Obviously checkers

Triple A bear

this is awsome

Nicholas Darryl Halim

poor golf cart, package, picture, and guitar.

Matthew gonzales


moded aps

My grades started to drop * animator draws A-*

Adrian Ibarra

Good job. He’s stopping those damn plankton cartels

Fishing Fanatic

if you disliked this video that means your just jealous that these kids got to meet dude perfect. you selfish pieces of crap!


24 bounces

unbuttons pants

Champion City Sports

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Wahs FR

J'adore tes vidéos !!