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Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 4 | Inside the Episode (HBO)

The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.


the part with the twitter posts was pretty morbid and actually a little depressing. Naughty Dog really did a fantastic job with this game.

emily rae

please put me on your show!!!

Noah Noa

ELON TUSK XD hahahaaahha

marius grant lahip

i like the first easter egg cause i like Chinese songs

marvin rockwell

Whats next.....

Wolfia Chan


Jon Cough

ANYONE 2019!!

Bradley Simmons

Try the Grand Canyon


Definitely the final shot won


How are they going to incorporate past things? Like the Master Cycle Zero?

Devil's Spawn

The talk AFTER high school?!?!


When mom says no pizza for dinner

Mr Pupi Vlogovi i Vise


Toilet boy 698

Game freak please don’t neglect the best thing you’ve made, mega evolution having huge Pokémon isn’t as cool as mega evolution. I hope you do something with mega evolutions

Nolan Pawluk

You know what they say, life’s a bitch and then u die. Kind of the most backhanded advice to make the best of ur life

Creepy_ Leaves

Me: how do they afford rage monster Dude perfect: o they needed re modeling

Philip Hale

can someone please tell me who the panda guy is

Vattanak Gaming 11

I want to see you


@sewRsk8R it was another shot..


There is actualy another eastr egg, i am a Dead island pro, i have all Skulls colected, y got the est legendary weapons, and there ir a porn scene easter egg in the game

Setsuka 09

The core of gaming is fun to play with great story, you definitely missed that by bragging of hardware & loading screen.

Gamesta Wolf

Bruh. That's my after school snack.

Katie Koala

I saw the title and immediately thought of 13 Reasons Why

zainab akbar


Ariana Bell

I like how karma came back for Brian...

DESP. EDUARDO eduardogrupor.fianzas

"aww" by the gnome

Death Grips

the own game has 18 finales , i guess 5 of then is a crazy thing , and the game has 5 fuckin easter eggs of blow the mind,looks like the creator was on crack when he make the game

Sam Hoffer

I love his hat


This almost made me CRY because you guys did so much stuff,won so much stuff,and present so much stuff kinda emotional but my favorite video was "Water Bottle Flip Edition