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Game of Zones Mike D'Antoni&James Harden (Türkçe Altyazılı)

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Is anyone watching this on 2019??

Blanca Aguilera

Who else is here for RAGE MONSTER??

Jack Stanney

Haha the pizza guy at the end!

Zeron Blaster

God your editing is a sight to behold. Red dead redemption is one of my favorite games of all time and I'm sure the sequel will be just as good once I get my hands on it. As always thank you for making some quality videos my man. Cheers.

Connor Phillips

ricardos shots look edited

Jisel Gray

why does everyone wear those skarfs

Jeremiah Bova

That is so cool! I wich I could heve been there!!!

Dom Conte

@Johnny123414 holy crap ur right


Thats a huge house

Pendra Guest

Someone took flow class

Just 🛑

When it storms when it rains it falls on all of us the same

Bautista Siciliano

No doubt this moviecwill be better than the furst one. Frozen was a mess, rushed and poorly written

Alex Мэр

Привет- Hello


Is this real?

Frarkplayzhehe YT

You know... there is a thing called facetime...

There is no sound in space

Chris Olenik

dare someone to challenge these guys to a snowball fight.

The Absolute Shots

I knew it was checkers

Sad.. I want you all to myself!! 😭 I love the song though ❤️ You are such a beautiful being!! 😇 I love you so muchhh!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



Shakina Frink


Caden Papenfuss

Should draft him

Reniel Gaming

You should do part 3 guys I really enjoy it

Ino Hernandez

I wish this was a book

a i

Wow good geme plis subcsreb me chenel

marley gabb

I love this makeup today!

Usksu -

Wanna be rich af?

Gamer Playz

hey guru

mehmet payam

where is in the panda

HFZ 26

bring this back


scott lang


Gotta give credit where credit is due , this is very well put together

Ummey Fatema


Kelly Collins

Mine also is march 24 ty

Canadian Laser Bear

most of these easter eggs dont work for me. i think its cause of my MAC

Bob Dole

Team Cory is best team =D


2:17 the guy sounds like a dad

Too Too35

Do a callab with Sidney crosby

Light Yagami

Toy Story 4Star Wars episode IX: the Rise of SkywalkerFrozen 2Spiderman Far From Home

Natalka Żółw

2:44 yes! My mum's like, hey, don't you want a better job like a firefighter or a surgeon or nurse? also, I totally relate to this thought "if my mum doesn't believe in me, who will?"

Beep Beep

Missing scenes:


Football and helicopters ok I read it I swear!!

tyler adelle

Love how he nonchalantly whips out a grenade

Aaliyah Primm

I know how you feel I go though the same thing my dad drinks and to the point at he can almost died he gets mean talk bad to my mama and he can Barely talk when he drunk it’s so much but I got god on my side so nun will happen to me because of the love keep me in his prayers ❤️🤞🏾🖤

MICAH Endsley

Texas Tech

Alisa Brochu

Classroom stereotypes

A selfish boy, on the other hand just want a silent sex toy. So selfish it makes me want to wipe the earth of chauvinists like this. They have no idea the damage and pain this causes to women treating them like this. This is the pain and vulnerability of what causes many women to turn lesbian, etc.

eren yeager

We have to call you not a bitch

Leo L.J.

First japanese Twice MV trending in Germany!!😊👍 It’s currently at #47!!😃


94 skill points?? :D

Melissa Ann

When drones werent a real thing

Zander Yeehaw

and towards the end of "The Judge" by Twenty One Pilots, Tyler revealed he screamed "JOSH DUNN" bc he was walking through the door while he was recording that song!

Lincoln Cameron-Quarrell


Makayla Kobin

P-poor b-bijuu m-mike..... D-dear b-bijuu m-mike, I-im s-sorry... M-my p-parents d-died so....I k-know h-how y-you f-feel....!😢

Indrajeet Vaghela

Don't let this distract you from the fact that PewDiePie is a RACIST

Louis Claudel

Obvious question : What's your favorite Easter Egg in a Video Game ? Or your 3 favorites ?

Dechawat Kongprayoth