Game Program Attack! - Game of Zones (Ep #8) game xay nha minecraft games

Game Program Attack! - Game of Zones (Ep #8)

Episodes, games, and contests visit: you could actually play one GPA game so far, which would you choose?Defend thy kingdom as the loyal KNIGHT in this riveting tower defense battle for glory!Protect the noble LORD and his kingdom from those foul and mischievous greenbacks known as ORCS! Purge their sinful ways from your lands and let the rivers run green red with their blood! Only YOU can make it safe for your peoples once more!Created By: Joey Reinisch and Phil McLaughlinWritten by: Brett AlexanderCast:Travis Betz as Lord - Wells as KnightPaul Straw as CommissionerOrcs: Brian Carney, Matt Loman, Nick AllenArchers - Phil McLaughlinAnimation Lead: Brian CarneyMusic by: Alex ClarkCartridge Art by: Matt KasunicMain Title Animation: Joey ReinischPicture and Sound Editing: Phil McLaughlinArt Direction and Design: Joey ReinischProduced by: Explosomagico

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that Top Ramen song at the end is the highlight of the video 👌👌

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The ending was really sweet-she made

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Will you ever request people to find and record easter eggs from games that you don't own and then use their footage in your videos?

Me: "..."

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I don't think they were cheering for Durant's injury. They were cheering because he got up. That's what you do when someone gets hurt in sports. When they get up, you cheer them. Maybe it's just a hockey/Canadian thing I guess.

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Me:are you a frog?

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Let's Hope her powers are enough? Is she on a mission to stop something, are there other people with powers, Is Elsa gonna face an even harder challenge? What's with that big rock boi? I HAVE TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!!Wait I just remembered a theory about Giants and Rocks about a video! OMFG.

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