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Shady Mike Gaming

Great vid, I know this took a lot of work.

Cecily Newman

I’d say they should go to Fort Worth Texas, but I’ve lived here for 5 years and I’ve never heard of a boutique that caters to plus size women. My mom is plus size and she basically just shops at torrid and dress barn

Ziyam Wahid

Imagine if they join nba😂😂

Anita y Sabrina Games

I hope the "let it go" virus dosen't spread again.

angel hinojosa

i like you guys

Nasri Issack

You don't see the plot, but this song got me hyped up! ;)



Mukarram Aftab

It should be soccer

Pooya Paknejad

Your videos are very very great and I really enjoy watching them your channel is the best channel erout Animashon channels beacouse of the great cuality I think please stay with this cuality and story's

Ыклас Алишев


Karol Escalera

Black mirror who?

Kirstin Marchese


Eric Bae

What do u mean



Awesome Potatoes

I have asbegers and he defines me.....

Joel Ortiz


Duck Gutz sax

Yay more foreshadowing he said any last words

Leonard Velazquez

Travis Scott -90210 is my favorite song from that album

Kiara_ Gachaaa

I have depression and anxiety..


gummball's face says it all.

Hotdog My



VN 🇻🇳 đâu giơ tay phát

chris mollison

Honestly, how is that done

Jackson Davis

What I'm still wondering about is Rictofen's plan, was it to blow Earth up to get all zombies off of it since everyone turned? Did he get Samantha and Eddie on the moon? Was all the zombie dlc's a game? So many things, but that's what cod's fanbase is for...

Light Yagami

Me: I'm having trouble coming up with a good original comment.My creativity: yes


Kapkan : In middle of placing explosive Ordinance and gets walked up on at thresh hold of door inside CREEPY quarantined building - mid scentence " установка взрывча-!! - ООХХЙЙ, Я ОТРЕЖУ ТЕБЯ.. БЛЯТЬ!!" NOTICES ITS FRIENDLIES ".. ЧТО ЗА ХРЕНЬ!?!! ..чувак!!... сейчас убирайся отсюда!!"


Its not Sam and David but Sam and Henry

Benjamin Tamari

ice rink