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GameSpot Review: The Darkness

The Darkness is a remarkable action game that tells a compelling story from start to finish.


Fired and sued? So we just not gone call the people.. Alrt

hobbs Gonzalez

It is me amanda alvarado


you have such a great voice, I love it (:

Sports Everything


frzna bbr

Isnt it half denying its our fault too? Like finding other's fault?

Arden Lee



Dude perfect I love you but I feel like tyler is doing everything


I heard you like easter eggs...

Jason ChenVlogs

Jk rourlling has 23.5 bill

Nefarious Gameplays

I’m eating strawberries

Eevee Alpha

I WiLL CuT yOu HoE

please sub :( 2043:Goodbye Town Hall

gustavo lemos

sorry GURU but you got some mistakes there... :(


I don’t know if anybody will read this but I heard that at the beginning of the video, she said that the baby might now survive, I am very similar to that, I was born 3 months early and could have died.


Look at 3:50 look at it closely

AJ Purifoy

The Twin Shot

Bonnie Hermel


Rhys Price

you killed pacman!


역대급이다 진짜 이거는


Nice hat throw codes

Help the Legendary boy

Harry is so dud d

dipaw syndicate

where did you find these Easter Eggs Do you Ask The Developer Or Something (Please Reply)


I don't mind the kappa one too much mainly because in the pic it looks Like they're drowning Justin Beiber

Will Schimert


Jack Macdonald


love that

Ethan spent $1, 271 more, makes sense coming from him

Loren Joy Saliw-a

#24 trending in PH!

Person with cancer: really........

Benji Game Show

can you do bloopes


they didnt put teddy bears in the game because of that girl thats fucking stupid

Possessive Pictures

That’s a resilient chicken boy!

Leon Zanker

Technically good video, but I think you should keep making easter egg videos about games and movies. I didn't like this one because I don't like this kind of music and I think this whole "easter eggs in music" thing is a bit boring.

Grim LastNameHere

at 00:51 it also says Launch Missiles

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