GameStop Employee Stalks A Customer gameost games

GameStop Employee Stalks A Customer

I will never say retail is an easy job. But taking a issue with a customer outside of the store is a bit ridiculous. The customer is not always right, but having a job in customer service also limits how you should respond.Merchandise: Donations: Falsejesus1987PSN: Falsejezus1987Steam:

Chandler Browning

Plastic golfneeds another video

mahmoud thany

this artist is really talented btw

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william thomas

1m to 4m in 2 weeks...

We're down the rabbit hole here, people.

Minute videos: ALOT


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jelle molenaar

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Ilia 1 Иллиа Уан

Made easter eggs on film Coco

Sprake Boys

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Aaliyah Kassandra Baltazar

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Adidas or Nike The Winner In Heree Braaaaa

Ivan Irani - EIS Grade 6

Matt would become the king of douchebaggery...

Sanjana Nedunchezhian

The music.!! 💜💙


When I saw the horse I thought about the boogeyman. He creates nightmares turning them into those kinds of horses. So basically what I am saying here is Jack Frost. And I want Jack Frost to be in this movie. Thanks for listening.


With an argument like that, I'd say you did just join the internet.


short films

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Prince of Darkness

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Abigail Suhy


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On 2:08,look what Cody is doing.

Seriously though, you  need a one Easter Egg/Game per franchise rule, otherwise the list's contents will mostly be from one game, and a few exceptions.


Hey Guru. thanks for inspiring my channel. I started today and want to produce great content like you ;)

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I feel bad for the little girl. Let those jerks be together, and live a better life with someone that loves you, and you only.

exiqst :-D

This dude is mad she got a B and I have all E’s and D’s :,)

Im Just Riley

When Anthony stopped having emo hair: I WANT YOUR EMO HAIR BACK!