Girl SCARED of BOOM BOOM BALLOON Game by Spin Masters! hvh game games

Girl SCARED of BOOM BOOM BALLOON Game by Spin Masters!

Grim and his daughters The little grimmettes play boom boom balloon game by spin masters and doll kitten wears head phones reacting to the sound of popping balloons because she is scared!

Ivan the Slav

Me Being irish i find that very racist

Lieke Staallekker

My mother and father got cancer in 2017. And they are living. So i’m happy. But iT was hard. I got depression

Laarni The Vlogger

OMG is this real I can't believe is that true shark


I want that Phantom Bow...

Ishaan Saxena

Wow you lot can't kick a football who knew.


Brand my ass with a curling iron and call me smokey the bear NextGenZombies commented on your shit........Nice

gacha life Chloe24

My life was ALMOST over....😕

chloe shaoulian



This brought me to tears... I now start to usually hide my emotions but this.... it's worthy for crying. I can relate, I've been ignored since I got my computer which was around the age of 8, and always when I go to see my parents they're either at work or something. Of course they are there sometimes but.. it was too little. So I went on Social Media, such as Amino, and I started trying to find some friends. It was successful if I be honest.! Though... there is now a problem. Every time I return from school my dad takes my phone away... because I was "addicted".

J Natz

Well I'm glad I checked my phone one last time 😂


What was on bezingas phone

Basil Ali

One of the greatest in human kind history

Melissa Bennett


Jasper Sealey


gigi and stuff

When I began watching this I completely understood what she felt only as she grew up she began accepting this, for me it was a bit harder. I mean she saw that both her parents felt the same way. For me only one flet that way, and yet both still loved each other. Until now I feel some confusion because they are still getting separated.

The Spider-Man

0:19 "I've see and heard things that a 13 years old couldn't imagine." Gets bullied for not being skinny enough

Lou Richards

Is this real

Amir Haqimi Rizal

Where are you buy that bubble gum

Levi knepper

Favorite last one


Hey? Can i lay on your bed? It looks comfty tho 😅

liam Nilsson

The best and cutest couple


I once took a hike on the beaches near south end of the island and it was tranquil and beautiful Just can't imagine what it would be w/ seawalls.

Seriously, you made an error. Ditto can transform into things from memory, it just can't directly copy them because it always gets small details wrong in memory (think of the ditto and its eyes in the anime)


you can play the max payne themes in MP 1 and MP 2 too :D

Caitlyn Le

I caught seaweed!Dude perfect catches a warm hot pocket...

bologna dogfart

Looks the same as my pc copy lol


Is there anyway to kill the shark?

It’s so god damn important!!!

Zachary Lussetto


Sadly I want a life no guy tease me be in relationship fucking human


UwU 0w0

Someone once laughed at my friend for her grandma having cancer and tried to choke me so I threw her,grabbed her by her collar and told her to stop...she stoped



Penguins Esh


Pawan Gautham

Cristiano ronaldo

Ivo Laely


Admiral Firefox


Trucks And Stuff

play titanfall

Food? Shouldn't it be free?

Mcdonalds Fries

I wonder what people were thinking😆😂

Lidya Muliawati

coby did you ever gotothe mountain lava because I ever seeyou with your friendgo to the at tvyou go to mountain lava

youknowwhyimhere b

Kawhi guarded Simmons, giannis, klay this whole playoffs and has 14- 30pt games this postseason. Who has kd guarded? Beverley and harden or Gordon. Kawhi is the best player in the world because he could be dpoy and mvp in the same year


I dropped some tears... when I realized that this addiction can strike this bad some people and I k myself as a gaming addict too but not that extreme..


I know, but I have a feeling that my audience is slightly younger than that reference.


What is the music called.


i've been watching you for almost 5 years now, i really think that you are the most underrated 'thing' in this world. finding ur channel was the best thing ever happened to me on youtube ongod no cap

abdul moiz

you guys are real legends

Jesus david Ramirez



thumbs up if you could see the hole on the backboard at 0:46

Nathan Jens

I dont get joke number 8