GOLF KART RACING! Fortnite Random & Funny Moments! #20 gamekit 800 robux games

GOLF KART RACING! Fortnite Random & Funny Moments! #20

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It's the item you get at the brown skull shrine. the Developer 666 craft.


The avengers is not same anymore.........................


did she just misspell Z? ZI ??

colinjo6 san mic polar

1:52There is no way he made that flip

Makayla Sejkora

we love you Cory

I didn't know what to write

V Love

At this point if L&S gets sued imma say You We’re Warned🤷‍♀️. Y’all really don’t listen, he told you not to record smh

Mizuki Koneko-chan

The show was Xena warrior princess!! I fucking LOVE that show!

John Marma

Click the like button and it turns blue.keep it there👎


4:00 1000 IQ play!

Ben Sovilla

he was like a quarterback so his accuracy is "perfect"

karina de leon



looks like pierce from Saints Row 

Osman Barragan

Not gonna lie im a little hurt This woman didn’t know New Mexico is a STATE in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Y’all obviously needed highschool 😬😬

Jebron Lames

Awesome video guys

Austin Castaneda

Rabbids is from the TV Show at Nickelodeon (Rabbids Invasion)

Kawaii San65

Poor you

Sal45 Silva65



who else is just concentrating on the story instead of the visuals

Hi Hi

Aren't those kids from a commercial?

Kyle Budhoo

I saw 4 in a row

Brian Gordon JNR

my name is russell im on my dads acount

Pixy Silvia Type R

I'm positive to all of those bweeeeeeeeee

My 2 year old was choking one night, which I think started this anxiety, and we wouldn't have known had my husband not heard her cough a little on the baby monitor and mention checking on her. He got her to start breathing again. Never found out what she was choking on, it didn't come out or show up on x rays. I checked on her every night for months after that, even after I made sure that there was absolutely nothing in there that she could swallow. Then the baby choked 4 times on spit up due to reflux. The fear of losing them is so frustrating.

Sean MA

My favorite episode of this show 🥰

Borja Alex

Sub to save chandler!

Jesus Mondragon

I stood up by a bully by telling the teacher and she was on red mwahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhhahahhahahah

ángelic msp

me: my leg hurts

Otto von Bismarck

Uh. I still fear death, sorry. I fear the unknown. Because NOBODY knows - not the Pope; not the smartest scientist on Earth - nobody.

Matt Steer

I developed narcolepsy, it was kinda random and only lasted for a short period of time.


Im 50 seconds in and im already crying...

isaac Hernandez


Cyiden Catz

what if you put magnesium fire in water?

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