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Cristian Herrera

you guys are full of shit he has marathon pro !

فاطمه السليطي

I actually like the girl...

Jace Cranston


Ayub Dahir

Disney: we are going to show You the greatest movie sequal by showing nothing me:👆😃

Piotrek Szczuka

Mom: Can you go outside and play?

Psycho Hypnos

I need to see the flash vs quicksilver

D-ma Productions

Let’s all have a moment in silence for goostave which I totally speeled wrong


I'm happy for you because you feel better. Taking care of pets helps a lot because they give you love back. Try also to find out something you may like to do on a regular basis. To me, it was gardening, for example. Just try, just one step after another.

Ryan Langston

Like whoa

Eras Time ツ

Wait all this stuff is happening to me I pee way to oftenly and all that stuff you just mentioned!!


epic fortnite


So many hours will be spent on this game only to die numerous times while fighting ultimate weapon.


Damn bro, you must have a pretty diesel ass computer. I'm jealous. :/ But I like your videos!! Very talented, man! Keep up the amazing work!! *Thumbs up*


So it seems Lenny lived on the rocky road, only to end up iced.


As someone who lives in Honolulu, this is so accurate. There is like no clothing for skinny people, so I cannot imagine plus sized!

Cemainet00 101

JFK vs Bill Clinton

Hanna Wroblewska

I can relate to this gal, I'm sad but jus don't know why

Coyotes Rulz

O dat dud in Australia. :0 I’m in Australia

Halo Infinite = Dragon Ball Super


When I realised the official trailer, it felt like the Year 12 whole school party assembly was about to commence

Jennifer Foster

My heart 💔💔💔 hearing Nip talk Lawd it hurts...and you could feel the pain in J Stones voice... #TMC 💙🏁💙🏁 RIP King



i like the end where he was rubbing his belly all the way :D. they see me rubbing my belly xD

Latha Ramesh


Girl : so * explains plan *


what genre of music are you using for your videos? i love that kind but dont know the name of it...

Parker Smith


Ella Gacha Girl

Poor girl

Adam Fitzpatrick

anyone who thinks it's fake needs a headcheck tbh.



Fluffy Clouds

It’s so sad 😭 I feel bad for you but she is in your 💓 always

Daniel Donatelli


Cooki Pug34


killer craft920

2019 anyone

Jackdipie Shed

Kobe said he wanted his ball back



Gio Barrios

Wow that’s a copyright

Andrew Janezic

Can we just think of being in a pool watching a baseball game.


Orly Lucky

Abaseen Khan

7:20 meme review!!

Icek Online

1:29 look at the wall on the right

Travis fiallos



Jenny should have just screamed "Help im getting raped" and so not only they will stop bullying and it will teach thw pig a lesson

Kenny Macdonald

Baseball tea,: Boston Red Sox! Even though they suck this year.