Trying 5 Weird SmartPhone Camera Life Hacks #ASLI SACH game hats games

Trying 5 Weird SmartPhone Camera Life Hacks #ASLI SACH

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James Gurley

Dude perfect is awesome the best part is all the people who think they r fake

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rioter yt

Jesus u scared me guru god

TheBlack MilkDud

Peds joins the chat

Helloit Marieke

Haha i wish I would use my phone wisely 😬😂

Michael Jackson's Demon

okay I watched it now stop yt giving me these shit videos on my recommendations I don't fucking care.


I cried.. this is too much for me because I do conseuling too... I feel bad for her. Can you tell her if she can make a part 2 if she would like..?

madison symons

Damn Voldemort could start an epic career in ASMR if he just dropped the whole killing people thing

Yair Witty

The face on the mountain kinda looks like the Syndicate Project

But it would have been better if you used "Answer me these questions three and you may reclaim your spot taken by the."

Science Egg

Wait... So that does mean he is racist?

Oliver N

Hi Dude Perfect I am so excited that you guys are going on tour because I just had enough money to bye myself a ticket see you there Dude Perfect


Dynamax Golem used explosion.

Simran Shrivastava

exactly same happened with me. but it's alright now❤

Rosardieka Nordin

yeay! more bedtime story for me!!!

Haney Song

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What Man

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Max Meyer

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Chicago Bears

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Oliver Nelson

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D-Dizzle _

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Tapiwa Chinyanganya

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Jonas Palmeter

3:20 ummm why are you drinking on camera

Nuffin Muffin

Wow there's a lot of homophobic comments here ..actually sad. Most of them say "They shouldn't force us to love them" And "Noone needs to know" and shit like that. Personally I am with the LGBT community (maybe Apart of it idk yet) but if you dislike something, do be it, move on. Although 1.Being gay is NOT a choice! Try and change your sexuallity for a week. Yep. 2. You cannot change someone's mind by forcing your opinion on them, basically harrasing them

Minaa S


Entertainment Cuts

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Bryce Van Patten

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