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Flew the coop at 17, no guidance

Samuel Saloma

Why ty always winning


Mao Zedong vs. Idi Amin

edit: wait if god hates gays why would he create me just to hate me

Anthony Ivan Morano

can you please make a marble edition

Sabor The Cat

I used to have this same problem but ended up getting my hand crushed by a vehicle i would fight it and snap in and out of consionce as my vision went black pericing headaches and migrains hurt my head as if it was being fryed

Proud of myself, I finally found it

Jamycia Bailey

My favorite was the last dunk of the video

Ahmer Shah

You should be in football team Foster mom shoutted

Althea Furigay

I think that Coby's new nick name is cobster

Happy Ending? .... 😶

Annalisa Burello

these are all adaption techniques, when really we should be focusing on mitigation techniques to fight climate change itself and not just its effects on cities

donna calipes

Shit I’m getting scared

I started crying and she said I’m your mum my eyes shon brightly and that’s how I went home

Kayla Skorich

I work at a movie theater and i can say i would truly hate you for ordering everything

can you make miniature foods too?

Randy Ortiz


Jeremy Steel

Hey guru, have you checked out soma yet? It is awesome, and I think you would love it. You probably have heard of it, but still.

Just For Comments

Who's watching in 2016

BD_Warrior 1

If you wanted a child so badly then why not adopt

Mia Kolbjornsen

so the first trick shot was in between the legs what if it didnt make it!!! lol


While YouTube figures out why I can't change my name back to FunWithGuru after I temporarily changed it GuruKid, my name is now "Fun with Guru". The spaces make me uncomfortable but it's better than nothin'.

Josephine Magura

Breezy and Drizzy is 🔥😫too much sauce

Ryker Harrison

0:57 was the ending of the first ping pong trick shot

Jason Cho

Always, thank you for your hard work!! really enjoying your vids!!


Everyone just let it go 

Aidan Leffler

tony hawk interest in goats is worrying. seems we need to have a tony talk


That's why you should get Amino V.S

Raffitaffi ranch

Ok i was wrong

Mr. Flippy Bottle

17 bounces

Patricia Gastelum

Don't worry I have PTSD my parents blame me for their problems and I had depression so i went to doctors and they said that i need pills to sleep because of stress it still happens and my mom I fell like she is not there I hAve nobody to talk to so it is sad and I sometimes think about killing my self and I tell myself to please not think that so please if you have problems share them please even do I'm alone i don't give up anyways i love everything and everyone and seeing this videos make me feel sad but went they get to solutions I wish I could have that life but thankue if you read my story it means a lot to me.