HD - FULL CONCERT - Mark Knopfler - Milano 2019 gamekit 800 robux games

HD - FULL CONCERT - Mark Knopfler - Milano 2019

[00:00:00]Why Aye Man[00:10:14]Corned Beef City[00:15:02]Sailing To Philadelphia[00:23:34]Once Upon A Time In The West[00:30:55]Romeo And Juliet[00:40:45](speech)[00:42:29]My Bacon Roll[00:50:12](speech)[00:54:59]Matchstick Man[00:59:00](band introduction)[01:01:55]Done With Bonaparte[01:07:29]Heart Full Of Holes[01:15:21]She’s Gone[01:16:52]Your Latest Trick[01:22:00]Postcards From Paraguay[01:27:10]On Every Street[01:32:48]Speedway At Nazareth[01:42:45]Money For Nothing[01:53:00]Brothers in Arms[02:02:25]Going HomeFull concert of Mark Knopfler - Live at Milano, 10th May 2019. Mark Knopfler band:Mark Knopfler - Lead Guitar and Vocals Richard Bennett - Rhythm Guitar Glenn Worf - Bass Guitar, Upright Bass Ian Thomas - Drums Danny Cummings - Percussion, Backing Vocals Guy Fletcher - Keyboards, Backing Vocals Jim Cox - Piano, Accordion John McCusker - Fiddle, Flute, Guitars Mike McGoldrick - Uilleann Pipes, Wooden Flute, Guitars Graeme Blevins - Saxophone, Clarinet Tom Walsh - TrumpetAll concert recorded in Full High Definition (HD).

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Arthur the Best

I watch him like 1 year but i don't have google accont and now i have so that is why now i subscribe so sorry for doing vues but not likes hi is so good to find all of this easter eggs

Sub Zero

0:10 Is that coach from L4D2?

Ante Stipcevic

What you guys do cannot be described with just words. You inspired millions and definitely became unforgetable legends on youtube.

majith A

I also play dude perfect 2 game


There is a beast at 1:09, next to the bomb.

Kimia Kamaloo

be pride of Poly😍 such good friends 👭👭👭

uncreative name

Don't worry i have OCD and the same Problem too

William Wool


Ventas ECU-GYE

Hahaha sounds like a catfish. Like the cousin was behind it all. You know, when a guy really want to see a girl, he makes it anyway.

Mr Clasher

I’m hoping to achieve 200k amazing subscribers milestone this year (:

Cinnamon Sleuth

not many people care about the story unfortunatly

Melanie Conn

whoah damn that crocodile scared the shit out of me.

ese hombre

The same way he constructed that pro golf club.

This applies to everyone


Imagine if all that flour was actually cocaine.


7:10 I <3 This song ! :D

Hello Cello

And then she checked the clock and it had only been an hour.

Ulices Larios

Anybody watching in 2019

Uncle Nathed

Lel u smoke when u have severe asthma wat logic is that