Here's Why The PlayStation Classic Is A Waste Of Money united games

Here's Why The PlayStation Classic Is A Waste Of Money

I was looking forward to the PlayStation Classic after its initial announcement even going out and preordering it the next day. Unfortunately as the release date got closer it seemed clear that Sony was pushing this system out the door just in time for the Holidays in a rushed attempt to sell as gifts during the buying season. The performance of most games is poor and the interface has very little to offer to make the games look passable on a modern display. This is not worth 100 dollars.Smash Bros Ultimate Giveaway: @SpawnWaveMediaSpawn Wave Merch: Supporting Us On Patreon: Us On Twitch: To Our Weekly Podcast: www.bensound.comLike Comment and Subscribe!Thanks for watching!#PlayStationClassic #PS1 #Sony

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