Here's Why The Wii U Never Had A Chance (ft. BeatEmUps, Scott The Woz, Wulff Den, MVG) gamekit 800 robux games

Here's Why The Wii U Never Had A Chance (ft. BeatEmUps, Scott The Woz, Wulff Den, MVG)

The Wii U was the worst selling main home console for Nintendo in its history and despite having critically acclaimed games in its library, it failed to repeat even a fraction of the Wii's success. Today we are taking a look at what made the Wii U struggle, what made it great, and what's inside the odd console.Thanks to all the creators that helped out with the video, their channels are below:BeatEmUps: The Woz: Den: Vintage Gamer: Game Console Giveaway: @SpawnWaveMediaSpawn Wave Merch: Supporting Us On Patreon: Us On Twitch: To Our Weekly Podcast: www.bensound.comLike Comment and Subscribe!Thanks for watching!


Jupiter Ascending referencing A Space Odyssey? That's like an insult!

Dean Mohan

I feel Kojima is a bit jealous of how good metalgear rising was, I know he made a lot of money off it but he wasn't the main guy behind it "looks like it's nothing special" for me it was the best game playing metal gear game

The_ Archer1202

the chest wasnt a easter egg it just is a trader chest all you are doing is breaching the ground and wall coding to get chest by mine i had a glitch like that in the mission in the elves base i had my things before getting to the room


Pramila Ghodke



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Joshua Nichols

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Summer Shirley



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Hshskdbebs I

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Miles High Club? Remains? Oh my, the game selfs references itself. Btw is Bolo Santosi from the previous game the dj that appears in the Green Man part?

Belin Report

This can be the end of a dynasty... not due to chemistry or ego, but simple circumstance and catastrophic injury (my opinion). The NBA will look completely different after this season. Get ready for a huge shakeup this summer and further.

Becky M

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well done sir I appreciate the time it takes to edit all of these videos have a good day or sleep guru

A Lad Duck

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shouldnt the therapy on this disorder focus on bringing all the alters together? so she will remember everything and no longer split?

Dylan Bloodworth

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if anyone noticed, at the point of 2:11, South-West of the "Player's current position" and you can see something Guru has hidden. ;)

Parwati Devi



S1 • E5

Upbeat hip-hop running in the background.

Mohamed Shams

I dont like the rage monster

Qwedo TV

Elon musk: i created spacex Reminded me of this


I dont think its fake, more than likely they tried several times before they actually got it in, then only posted the vid where they actually made the shot

Eatshit Gorgon

borderlands 2 thousand cuts is a reference to jade empire

Mrs. Chat noir

1:41 That monster looks like the rock titan from Hercules."Coincidence? I think not!"

Genesis martinez

I suffer from the same thing. It's hard but over the years you learn to control it

fun guy

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dylan carlson

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anas boulkhalil

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Cindarella Miles


Stijn Eeckhout

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This video was made as a favour to Ty

King Erick

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[N U T]

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Gleas Boi

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mitchell farrelly

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The doom 3 one I found when I had the volume high and the room was was startling to say the least.

Filipe Faria


Adalet Kaplan

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Alan Rosas

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Vardhman Ranjan

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