Holly Nearly Swears After April Fools Prank | This Morning hvh game games

Holly Nearly Swears After April Fools Prank | This Morning

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Mallory Espey



Mason Kellam

May 23, 2018

Nash Espinosa

Where is matt

Josif Carlo

No clip We Finna Get Poppin' Y'all

Tyson Hughes


Maggie Bower

thanks have a good day

Will Fernandez

It's a Nike symbol, and a upside down Nike symbol right next to each other I like that

Carmine Montanino

Mr MoodSwingerObviously


As much as I hate Fortnite, this is some of the most contrived banal cliche bullshit I have ever heard. This is what happens when mainstream "journalists" find out that their livelihood is threatened. What do they do, try to adapt and meet the needs of the current landscape? No, that'd be too much effort. Instead, they attack anything that they perceive as even slightly pernicious. Does anybody remember when violence in movies was the thing to complain about on the news?



Shashi Agrawal

This was not fun you can feed a whole village by that food

Lochlan Ambrose

Yes i love dude perfect

Nive Jiva

I like it so much guys

Zahilikerah Hussein

He’s kinda toxic


GG guy

The Jalapeños

TYLER Your Awesome chek out My channel Please

cecille epifanio


RosePink Diamond

Why does her boyfriend look like Frisk?

Gannon Hurd

I want to do that


I have looked at what days I am the least happy. It turns out that the days that I get happier on the days I am the most productive. Keyword productive; because if you spend a lot of time working but do not get far then I am not happy so. Also, I am the least happy doing work that I do not like. So I have discovered that in the end to be happy you need to do work that is fulfilling and do not procrastinate on youtube. Apparently, I will hate myself after this.

LeoBoss_Gameros YT

What is the speed of those rcs? Max speed

Una Kamilla Steinsen

@3:39 excuse mE SIR what the fresh hELL do you think you're dOING 😭


I tried to tell them they just keep saying choose happiness as if I didn't try before.

Koko Mmc

the sound at 24:20.... that one cake computer game ... WHY DO I REMEMBER THIS SOUND

The Gamer

Guys Tyler won look at the slow mo replay and put it at .25 speed, the timer runs out 2 milliseconds before the drone hit the ground.

Harman Singh

Holy shit

คุณชาย ดังใจ


Look at me, everybody, I'm smilin' big

Kayla Gordon

Dang that was deep

FiZ SoloZ


tasleen rahman

ooo elsa

Creeper Kingsdamac