How PC Gaming Could Die, and THAT Sonic Trailer - Dude Soup Podcast #224 game xay nha minecraft games

How PC Gaming Could Die, and THAT Sonic Trailer - Dude Soup Podcast #224

Get 20% off at and check out the Dude Soup curated sample set!Get 25% off a Calm Premium subscription at receive 20% off your first subscription box, go to and enter code DUDE at checkout.A new report suggests that PC gaming will lose 20 million users to console gaming in the next five to season years; plus, the new Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is here, and the gang spoils the last episode of Full House. Want more Dude Soup? Check out the Post Show! us on Twitter:n stuff:

Michael Motion

The animation is stunning!


Should I feel like crap that everything they said a psyhcopath would I have done to many times to count?


You should've started YouTube and twitch so you can make money


so do you have both sisters or just one and if so what happed to her

Aj Levchenko

Tanaright as a target


the best part about bf 1942 that it has naval things and other bf games dont

Apryl B

DON'T throw so. Hard!

Me: (starts crying my heart out)

that is CLEARLY Ezio's voice

Eemi Hentilä

Gym stereotypes 4:05 try not laugh

Core DarkGod

I wish someone gives me bipolar so I can go to my world of imaginations


Thanks J Stone, great to see Nip's sister Samantha in the video also. Rest In Peace Nip 💯

runningwithwolves_ x

I'm the runner, the snorkel spitter and the jumping photo and the seashell collector 😂

david leung

my favorite shot was the escalator shot

Spoopy Poop

Elsa has a stallion Patronus confirmed

Eletro Beats

2:42 Jenny look's like shaggy lol

harry: "hello?"

josh general

Cody won the battle but has another when he gets home....

Brad Edmonds

where is Garret

Lori Errigo

Trash talker


Are they hinting something ? Lol

mustafa ali kiani


Jeanette Santos

I’m not a Christian I’m a catholic

Sophie Fondren

no one told noel to get that good at rapping

большой спецназ бои



Kd or not this series is over.. he aint Lebron


Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to win and say that it’s not how he wanted the fight to go

Not yet

Esmé Kumma

Thank you for taking care of that clown!!!!! Clowns actually disturb me a lot🤡🤡

Tohtori Vanukas

Oh no! I hope she gets arrested and killed! She's a horrible person! I really dont Care


it's easy to say that it's fake but how the hell do you fake a shot like that


2019 anyone?

Lou Li Zou

Kookie is so f’ing cute like what the heck??