How to Gameshare on PS4 EASY | Play Your Friends Games for Free | Tutorial 2019 game xay nha minecraft games

How to Gameshare on PS4 EASY | Play Your Friends Games for Free | Tutorial 2019

READ THE DESCRIPTION, SUPER IMPORTANT. Read on for important updatesUpdate: Tested and still works in 2019, please continue reading for basic trouble shooting, the comment section can also help a ton !A few things that I have learned since posting this video are 1) there is a possibility that setting a different system as primary will effect remote play with Vitas.2) If there is a lock on some of your games give it some time and reset your system. And if the lock is still there go onto your friends account from your system and restore the license by going to settings then PlayStation network/account management then restore licenses this only works if you followed the steps in the video 100%3) Remember guys you can only have one system set as primary at a time so no you cannot gameshare with more than one person4) NO, this will not work with DLC such as season passes too, some people said it worked for them but most said it did not5) YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR FRIENDS ACCOUNT SET TO PRIMARY FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT THE GAMES this is super important6) guys stop asking if this will work with discs, I say it in the video, it's been answered 1000x in the comments so now I'm putting it in the description. No, this will not work with physical discs only on digital items. Are you trying to play games for free? games that your friend may already own? The PS4 allows you to share your accounts in a way where any digital games you own can be downloaded to your friends system and any digital games your friend owns will download to yours. This is called gamesharing and in this video i'll walk you through how to do it.If you found this video helpful make sure to like and leave a comment telling me you did :)also, DO NOT COMMENT YOUR GAMES I will delete any comment that tries to gameshare with others. In the video I specifically say that I will delete any and every comment that tries to get others to gameshare. I will NOT allow someone to get their account stolen from meeting someone on this video. ___Media:=Twitter: =Instagram:=Skype Name: Anthonykings____In Game Music By:Outro Music By: …___@AnthonykingsAnthonykings_@AnthonykingsTV

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