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Games People Play in Relationships

Have you ever been blocked? Had your Whatsapp messages left on read? Have you ever been emotionally manipulated? You're not alone! For our fourth episode of Spilling My Chai, Chaz and Maz discuss being ghosted, playing hard to get, dealing with jealousy in a relationship, cheating, and regaining the upper hand… Let us know what you’d like us to talk about next! Find us at @spillingmychai on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.Remember to like, comment and subscribe babes.Love,The SMC girls x

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I love the Seahawks 😍😍😍😍😍That's my Favourite Football Team😍😍😍😍😍Thank you for this Video👍👍👍

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it was 12 bounces


the rest of the world: “oh my god I’m so scared it’s bringing back 9/11 memories!”

Chichi Okoro

I just don’t get it EVERYONE but ME can get a boyfriend like what do I have to do just to get a simple boy oh god #prayforme 🙏🏽

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It should just be lil skies song at this point it’s so fkn fire tho

Weird but I don’t care blackpink fan boy83

I’m a 12 year old boy and I want to become a fashion designer when I’m older but my dad says that’s too “girly”. what should I do?



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Who else is watching this in 2019.XDXDXDXDXD


That is a lovely story I’m happy about that you managed to get over it and just get help you know. Most of us wouldn’t even say all that on YouTube your a very brave individual

chun lam

Dude perfect should throw at more of a farer distance.

kaycee. cake

The first scene where elsa is infront of a beach with a big wave. I thought this "official trailer" is a prank bc it looked like someone photoshoped a tsunami behind an elsa clipart

Jacob Brouwer


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Dont be sad ! 😞😞😞😞

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Anyone in 2019?

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Bunny is an adorable addition

The human controller


I hate the new iOS format

Tega X

F for Ty’s rocket

Rm713zy 123

Go cody

TOS Trickshots

Film at the park

Familia Subhas


Gay=you like men

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Why they look like adults? And why the fuck is the boy giving her gifts if he doesn't even like her??? Calling her fat and all....

I think It's a boy with shyla's beautiful green eyes 😊. And Landon curly hair.....

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I just bought tickets it’s the day after my birthday

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There is no sound in space because space is empty space, or a vacuum, so there is not matter. Sound wave is a mechanical wave so it can only travel through matter, and empty space has no matter. So, no sound in space. I'm in middle school which is why I know this xd

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14. Napper

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2:05 roblox reference

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How about the bfg the big friendly giant

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Tyler your so rude you never make Cory win his second win ever you have more wins than him

cheetacorns yay!

As a very small child, I wanted to be a singer. I saw on Disney commercials all the time telling me to follow my dreams. So I thought I could do it! I was so excited to grow up and sing for the world! But.,., When I got older,.... I liked to sing at school. My friends never supported me, just told me how bad I was. That didn't stop me, until my family got involved to! My sister's just told me u can't be a singer. One day I was sitting with my cousin, and she was singing beautifully. I sang with her and she started laughing. And said " it's ok! Not everyone can sing!" And those words.... Changed everything. I know have no gutts to become anything in life and don't know if I should follow my dreams without any support 😔😢😢😔

I AM A GIRL But in all seriousness, great video as always ♥

Coffee Eats food

My life is over

kurama bijuu

Thats why you put a password on your phone


I hate ty he is really annoying

Try to tell them that you feel sad or worried all the time

lil skeet

Longhorns makes them both look like Applebees.

potato chan

Psycho: breaks window Also If I was her id slap her across the face when I left

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The first baseball bat ty uses I have the same one


at 5:14 im almost positive that's employee 432


"I didn't shower for a WHOLE DAY!

Simon Keighan

Who's watching in 2018 lol