I Bought Video Games in 2019 from GameStop - Here's What I Got | RGT 85 game rpg offline pc games

I Bought Video Games in 2019 from GameStop - Here's What I Got | RGT 85

Recently I went and bought some video games from GameStop, a local game store, and had some things sent in. WHAT DID I GET? WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END? I got new Switch games, GameCube games, Xbox One games, and more!Sign Up: Coupon Code "rgtcares" to save $!Patreon: @ShawnLong85Facebook: #NintendoSwitch #SwitchGames

Frank Koestler

(I'm not saying this is fake just checking.)

Lana Medcalf

Well done James.......Well Done!!!!


you guys LIVE!!! (like... you guys live free, and fun :D)

Itz_alice_ Chan

Anxiety may be hard but just try to over come it don’t listen to anxiety enjoy your life be enough with u self and who u are if the guy doesen’t like u cause he thinks u aren’t cool or just looks he’s not for u go with someone who likes u for who u are not just a face of make up edit:ik what she feels about anxiety but I have it too and I shall over come it

Enjeru Kuro

It may have gotten better for you but they won't for me.

Olivia Champagne

That was an intense dab

Ryan's daily vids

Oops 2019


So, those pigs...

Gabrie -studios

If that girl calls herself and actor one more time, I’m gonna lose it.

UwU uWu

Can’t relate


i feel sorry for rey mysterio 03:43

Nicholas Gregory

LOL that's funny when it says Gumball gave a blow


I see Cory's eyebrows are growing back XD

Dhananjay Mehta

Can we change the type? If yes, then how?

CCKiara Tayzia

Made me almost cry


SAS been hating on raptors


1:39 That ad lib tho hahahah

Emilio Lira

I'm saying it feels like a M. Night Shymalan film mixed with a bit of Robert Zemeckis' Beowulf, a smidgeon of Musical-Comedy and a touch of fairy tale.

no need for a thank you.

Yuri ramos


Ashli M

Trampoline zone or a movie theater for after all the work

Hugs not drugs

Shaving head

Mark Crossan



Pff lucky

Aqasha Alhalmi

What do u call a person named jack?

Gwen Smith

team coby

famously anonymous

True story but at my apartment there was this guy literally screaming benching 120lbs and this was when I was 14 and by that point I could bench up to 165lbs

joe O'Connor

These easter eggs are hilarious

Cleiton Lopes

I see some Twilight Princess reference? Midna, the twilight warp sounds effects...

Liam Dunn

I know who panda is it’s Michael

Michael Gatlin

Do a football stereotype

A Taiwanese girl

Armageddon Apocalypse

People that abuse their families like that need to be repeatedly hit in the face with sledgehammers. They don't even need to be breathing as long as they continue to be a burden on society.