If Google Translate dictated my morning routine game fx waco tx games

If Google Translate dictated my morning routine

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Frank Harris

I wonder if this is sponsored by Gatorade

Love you 3000

4:06 Naughty girl xD


Favorite video was giant sumo battle TEAM CORY WON like if u agree


Retaliator X

I s2g the dog better not be killable


Definitely me. I feel a majority all these systems. I feel so foolish about it and I rarely ever tell anyone because I’m scared people will judge me and see me as weak. I always feel so bad and want to check out of the world because of my shame. I’m scared most of the time.

Rosie Wil

I almost cried

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie

Ricky Torres

for me in the walking dead easter egg when i kill Jason when I go inside the house and pick up the chainsaw he spawns a second time. It scared the hell out of me the first time.

Dinesh Doolgar


salma سلمى

not showering for a week is normal for me He got dressed again and we went to class agreeing to forget that that happened.

Austin Brenneman

you don't see any Tom Brady's doing shit like this...


Jenny Phillips

y’all are fucking amazing

Brett Bailes

Bro I love all your vids

Cheyenne Schmidt

You should go with the Vikings

Analoh SililA

Coby looks delicious....yum yum..🤤🤤

عصام جوهرى

ايه العيال دي من كوكب اخر

priyansh Devmurari

60 yard


my favourite shot was "the 100 wrap around"