I tried Pi-Hole for the first time... (DNS level Ad Blocker) game xay nha minecraft games

I tried Pi-Hole for the first time... (DNS level Ad Blocker)

Google wants to wage war against Chrome users in a potential new update. An update that can disable them all together.... "Out of Safety". So I can either switch over to Firefox again or explore Pi Hole as a Network/DNS level Sinkhole/Ad blocker. I will briefly show how to do the installation, but for more info, follow these links:Get Pi3 B+: Case: Get Raspbian: Pi-Hole: curl -sSL | BashSetup Video: a secure and fast VPN? Hate Netflix Geolocks? Use my link to help me out :)the coupon code "byte" to get 66% off of two years!Free Plex Account: Pass: my growth!Music For Youtube: I Use*○Primary Camera: Camera: Mic: Mic: Recorder: Box to Mail Stuffz:Byte My BitsP.O. Box 77Haysville, KS 67060

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Mile High Stadium

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do you know I can play basketball better than you all

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Must try for cricket as world cup is approaching

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soccer accept that man even football

Weird Animates

I also was struck by lightning and i was so close to the car but didn't make it in time

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Haters: "You'll never be successful"

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9:54 tyler says team cody is over here and he means cody is over here

"Life was finally getting better for us

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Man I wish I had actually parents a good mom a good dad that's is what I wish for and I just wanna huge them in tears :'(


Great video!


You forgot the part where you get the GTA (health/weapons) cheat by calling ZiT with the ice cream truck playing the theme tune.

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10:11 wait what would the teachers do?

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@jakepaul take a lesson from the master. BARS


Go to Philidelphia Eagles

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I've always been hesitant about going to Texas Roadhouse, because whenever I pass the one near me there is an ambulance there oof


Captain America says "I can do this all day" to further back the idea that Iron Man is a bully.

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If you do halo I don't mind waiting. I have halo and I like it too see a vid on easter eggs on it would be great. Take your time :)


3:06 Gaster?

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I'm the first to watch in 2019


North Korea is still running their nuke program I see

Mace 2.0

Call of Duty: Mannequins.

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Your girlfriend looks like Gina Trans woman = woman ‘Tell us straight away. As soon as anything happens’

Ya moms Favorite youtube

Pop In in the country Ft. Billy Ray cirus and lil nas x

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At first I read it as "A Adolescent in Children's Eyes" and got so confused when the video started lol

15% extrovert


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This story is almost identical to mine, except my grandfather died because of cancer, I was heart broken. For the first year or two I was fine. But nearing the third I broke into a trance much like yours. I was extremely sad, and cried most days. I would question what happiness was and if I would ever feel it again. I beloved people hated me, that he hated me for not doing more to help him. I stayed like this for a while, not seeing any end to the endless darkness my head was trapped in. It’s been five years now and I have learned from that past experience, to love him, but let go. I still talk about him today. There are many strange things that happened once I started to except that he was gone. For instance As I sang while I was riding my bike up and down the street (as a normally do when I’m sad) I said his name. Then in a small puddle on the street a beautiful red cardinal appeared (his favorite animals were cardinals) then once I blinked my eyes he was gone. Also every summer around the time he passed the same cardinal would appear on the fence right outside my back door, it would stay there no matter how close I would get to it. Then once I tried to touch it, it would fly away high into the sky then disappear. It may not be easy to accept the death of someone close, but you will find that happiness again. Acceptance takes time, do not think there is something wrong with you for crying and feeling the way you are. You will get through it, you will find the light through all those dark thoughts slowly dragging you away from color, from the good times you once had. You will move on.


2:01 funny if then got aten by a croc

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My mother suffers from adult asthma. But the one very stupid thing that she did when she was younger is that she smoke cigarettes. She said she didn't smoke all that much. But that is not how me and my older brother remembers it. Since we were always on her constant case about when she was going to quit. Now she is 63 years old and is now on medication for her asthma and stuff like that. Her husband my stepfather is the same way as her. Since he used to be a pipe smoker. But had to quit some years ago. And he now has a mild form of copd. And as for my now late father. He died on his 63rd birthday back in 2011. He had prostate cancer. And guess what he was a smoker as well. His prostate cancer was either from his smoking. Or from when he was exposed to Agent Orange. During the 2 years he spent in the Vietnam War. Makes me extremely glad that me and my brother don't smoke at all. And we both can breathe just fine. Because we didn't make a very stupid mistake by smoking. And for this girl to have asthma and be a smoker it is no wonder why this girl is dead now. Because you have to be a real idiot to start smoking to begin while having asthma. And to hear she was a mother of 2 young kids. If she was a good mother she would have thought about her kids first. And stop smoking immediately. I'm sorry but when I hear stories about smokers it just makes me really angry. And I am not sympathetic when it comes to them. Since I lived with smokers for more than half my life. And I lost about 3 or 4 relatives because of their smoking habit. I even have an aunt who from what I had heard had her one lung removed. Because of her constant smoking. And as far as I know she is still smoking. Because she refuses to quit. So you have to excuse me for showing only anger towards the idiot in this story. When it comes to smokers I show 100% no sympathy towards them what so ever. Because it is their own fault for smoking to begin with.

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It takes some time to make your videos, and it's it is worth it.

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Title doesn't match the video...


I'm here from Turquoise Artist lol

Iftitah Miqael Al-Haqq Mohammad Shaifulrizal


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This scene will not be in the movie 😂😂

Part 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwgn5xvTnco


on mirros edge if you zoom in on this one guy on that level he looks naked


I love mario sunshine! And I love your videos!

But there's no one who I completely trust so yeah we're the same here bro

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I feel bad for garett



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But he should have taken gaming as profession... Yup they earn lot 😁😁