Jetpack Joyride 45,044m run qvc game of thrones wine games

Jetpack Joyride 45,044m run

New 117,081m run! further run, now in glorious 48fps -- Watch live at

Diana Ortega

Anyone else see Patrick star? Or was that a look alike lol


OMG ITS LABRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy person gaming animals90 Alexander

Do you see the dog in the background? 5:41

Galaxy Gurl

Here before 2 views!

Tristan Applebee

Jack and Dax i Honor You!


cuz its brigth it wont when u buy the game it will look more nicer!

Donna Garlitz

Maybe we could call them WISDOM eyes !

Ace Of Spades

When he asked to open the window I was like “Stab this mofo in the eye bish.”

• Blue Bliss

I got panic attack a couple weeks ago and my mother said I was trying to get attention...😕😒🤧

Nini UwU

I'm allergic to peanuts and cats. But cats are so adrobable :(

Keith Flagg

Wow copying pewds are we 🤔

Rowley Jefferson

Anyone else’s 917th time watching this?

That-one- girl

my name is- no... my song is- no... u need to let it go... u need to let it go...

R.K. Goel

I need a new metal detectorbattle

Hamza Rahman

Team Cory

Dimas D'Souza


memes master


Thaddeus Wolfe

I think Steelers

awesome djman

You sit on a thrown of lies you scumbag

SamirEX casillas

6:15 my family called the hospital becuase i ran out of air luaghing😂😂😂


In my opinion I think that the Far Cry 4 secret ending is the best easter egg. I felt it was well thought out and clever.


What is brown and sticky.A stick

Thanks for everything you do for us .. Me:I HATE BABYS

Danny Huang

Anwar shaved!!!!

Random Entertainment820

Did you know that..


Man you should get like 10 million subscriber

Offbrand Fortnite YT

I cant get the missile command to work

Lourden Sulio

Pls try badminton

Carwooloo CC

Fire but a bit off

Thomas Britton

Maybe impress your stupid or drunk friends




eheh, level 69

oops blackberry


Air raza

Lol, CN tower

Colby Cheese

That ending tho

Joe Samels

My favorite team is the Nationals


#YIAYjob please sub :(

Owen Baker

Coby should have won