JOAST Competes in the Mechanical Inn-vitational ft. Kripparian & BunnyFuFuu | Rise of Shadows | HS hvh game games

JOAST Competes in the Mechanical Inn-vitational ft. Kripparian & BunnyFuFuu | Rise of Shadows | HS

Disguised Toast and xChocoBars had a quite challenging time when taking part in the Hearthstone Mechanical Inn-vitational a little while back. For those who missed it here are some goofy moments & highlights featuring the very, very platonic duo Joast.Subscribe to Disguised Toast! ►our Website! ► us with our Blizzard Affiliate Link! ►us on Facebook! ► on Twitter! ► by ► a_tothe_d


I thought she was going to say, “Help me Obi Wan...”

Ona Leah

The same shopping cart was in “why’s” music video too.......🤔

Sav Lif3

1:02 panda spotted doing backflip

del ec

@Seibitsu are you German? That miss thing is how Germany spells meow.


WHOA WHOA WHOA I think the biggest amazing fact here is that someone actually had the strong will to play Rage. Kudos, sir/madam. You are a trooper.

Jett Wong

How Long Did It Take The Barbarin.... To Go Over Please Leave A Comment Need To Know

Dude perf😎😎😎😎😎

sebastian maney

Who watched this in 2018

Zachery Schmitt

Upmc building

talha emre ünal

finally mate fuckin hell


Hah gayyyy


He didn't show woman praising in polish either :(


Amazing keep up the good work bro

Paul Kennedy

Be dhnend



Lenny Meinen

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Shawn Ratcliff

Cough Buron Ferguson,two shots,Asprin,mic drop

Day 3: little blood

Thomas D'Alessandro

Tyler is the perfect man for the Rage Monster!

Christy Maria


Varadi Andrei



telling your parents is a no no, it was the same case for me and even when it got to the point of ruining my life, they never took it seriously so I said fuck them in my head and I'm trying to toughen it out sigh...

I stepped on Lego

Austin Ryan123

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Sammi's Channel


Ray Nova

#califan...Toronto fans cheering during the injury, they were excited thinking about the championship. Steph is right, give them a pass bc they are new to this. Steph is a classy God fearing dude.


Great as always!

Iskra Buaca

Idk but my classmates though i was retarded because I support lgbt+

Minecraft characters dont get skinnier unless you change the skin size.


Isabella Griffith


Jaykin Mora

I have actually seen a double rainbow