Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Gamespot Review game ok naam games

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Gamespot Review

The video review by Jeff Gerstmann that was removed by Gamespot shortly before he was fired.



Is it bad that all the ones they talked about if I watched it was sub...

Christie Elliott

I’m a pool guy

afitap kayira

Its myü favourite english channel

Maurice Wingfield



It’s not passed out it is fainted

Grace Angels

oh cool.#ihavenothingtosay

Texyy 7

And then, someone cry cuz of breakup.

Joey Huff

Are you sure you don't want to return to your own body


i know right :'(

Mike Collins

I can relate😓. My suffering is still going, but has evolved 2 so much more. ...death is all that's left..... I welcome it😡

xX EvilAsh Xx

I live like 10 minutes from you guys that us si cool

MR Paradox name?

This is not a fottball but this is a FIDGET SPINMER...

Renee Kelley

When tanner started singing out of the box i had a flashback to my childhood


dAMN I love seeing this but at the same it hurts like a Mf knowing Nip really gone! BUt he had YOU & some real solid ass homeboys to pick up the torch and Im ALL IN! Much Love! Checc me out thoe 1 real 1 to another @Only1Endozha ;) #TMC #LongLiveNipsey

William Bondesen Claville 4A Korup Skole

cool vid smosh for life

Bridgette Robertson

Is this clickbait tell me

Gianluca Tartaro

Normally I can deal with the cringed up celebrations with every shot, but this video was just far too much and they were so cringe worthy... I can’t even watch this one, sorry.


Your eyes look beautiful today, can you please let me know what you used.


No this is a bug. Or as a developer would say an unexpected feature

Maria G

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Great , new awesome video :D

James Trinder

They should have a baby panda

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RyZe Recog

i thought it was who created suprmeme

Eriberto Jimenez

They should do trick shot horse

King Shibu

It's Braid....The stuff blinds use to read?

Ruggero Ciliento


brodaim wittes

The last assist was mad

Sammy Drake

Whats the music? shit is so dope lol

Oton Gabriel

I've played The Last of Us many times, but this impresses me more and more.


I thought it said I created aids lol

FallingMyst Productions

Thanks TY for shooting out Hockey fans


What about the rolls?

Cam Cole

Last to leave bed challenge?

i Swat2507

I’m party foul guy LOL😂

Isaac Alt

They should do a no ty addition like if you agree


You know,i am a very strong person..nothing can hurt me..but i cried..

Deborah moon

It is cool video.

Vanessa Marayen

Bullies are psychopath


you have 188 videos and no mic

tobi park

mental health disorders just suck...

Elizabeth Thomas

They just turn on each other

Cway Kids

Zian williams

Tmr x33

They’re actually tumbling and doing flips AFTER a whole cycling class like it’s nothing. I’m a literal potato.

Ben Breuer

Thanks fox engine!