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Resistance: Fall of Man PlayStation 3 Review - Video


Dumb Joke

I thought it was checkers

Isabel Ernst

But what if you're just mediocre?

FaZe Gunz

Badminton pls

NorAisah Abdul Samad

More Easter Eggs:

Chill Intro


CW. bro


Neellohit Shubhankar

Coby is the best

Jian Karlo

Can someone tell me all the guns in this expansion.

Peter Rubino

I LOVE dude perfect and Jason belmonte

كردستان قوى

iguss this is quit frome me talk gear solid phantom pain

Sonika Kamble

This is actually fire lol I love it

Terraria Chicken Coop

Why does this one company have over ten channels, smh 🤦‍♀️

ruth powlison

Like my coment for my sister please

Jill Brunnett


Gresh mon

3:17 imagine markiplier or jackseticeye found that

Andrew Worley

Who looked the oldest? Comment

Shanan Colvin


Richard Newton

I actually prefer the bloopers. Should do a whole video on that. Very funny.Well we know what rich boys get up to 😂


I hate when your so upset about this stuff and people ask are you ok and your not but what can you say because half the people don't care about the answer


Melissa Burruss

Nice ball my son needs a basketball he is in basketball

Gacha Ari

god was on your side bless your heart <3

Scarlett la Reina

the combo of kristin and jen makes me crack up 😂 😂 😂

Derrick Tobin

the only thing i want is to get in to dp im thetrick shot man

nanaso raut

Dont give up sweety while facing this problem . Be stronge . 👍




Do it with F2


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BMAN Gaming

Ha this is kinda funny can I get 2000

Rosey Owili

I liked that video it shows you have to be their for everyone

Sammy boo40

I'm 100% the I got it guy, BUT I don't run all they way to the outfield or to 1stbase and take it, manly when it's between me and second ( I play short-stop ) or when me and my team if playing 500 I ALWAYS steal it and they get mad c:

please sub :( ACTUALLY HAPPE- oh wait wrong channel


Nardwuar goes sneaker shopping with Complex


Very well done

Yudhistira Official

I am very interested

Neil Flack

please do paintball with Ollie Lang hes not doing anything this season pro paintball wise and paintball as a sport needs way more publicity please try do that

Sy Me

he is not goodthis year

Hunter Lahti

Lol 2:48


I love the talk about fortune cookies.

Jacob Scranton

25 bounces