Kids are Savage 7! | Funny & Sassy Kids Fails Videos game ultraman 2 games

Kids are Savage 7! | Funny & Sassy Kids Fails Videos

Subscribe to join the #KYOOTSQUAD!: the NOTIFICATION BELL  to watch vids before anyone else!Look in the cards to play THE PINNING GAME! I know a #savage when I see one, and let me tell ya...these kids are totally savage! Like too savage... Check out these sassy kids who say and do the most savage things. This comp has some sassy kids, ruthless kids, trouble maker kids, and everyone in between. And they don't care who sees it because, you guessed it, they're savage kids! There are even some savage babies! I don't know if you're ready for how hilarious these funny kids videos are!Like this compilation if you think that you're a savage! Comment down below and tell us what your favorite clip is. Mine has to be the one at 4:44. How did that girl get into that hilarious situation?! You'll have to just watch the funny video to see Kids are Savage 7! | Funny & Sassy Kids Fails VideosKyoot delivers your daily fix of LOL kids clips and premium original content for kids of all ages. Come visit us to see all of your favorite cute baby laughs, funny kids, and parenting fails!Life is better when you're laughing! Connect with the #KYOOTSQUAD online: Like Kyoot on FaceBook Kyoot on Twitter Kyoot on Instagram all licensing inquiries please contact:

Good luck from Turkey👊

Tasnim Ahmed

I always get compared to my best friend bc she’s rlly clever and I’m a bit lower than her my parents always say why can’t u b more like ur best friend and then ofc I cry 😢 and then they call me a crybaby 😔

martin dalmeida

why don tyou a motocross video

J Tube



I like how Guru shows us the easter egg and then continues the mission

Danker Beef

place sponges

Aysha Fahad


Toxic and salty aren’t insults Change my mind

Moral of the story

one eyed man

Wtf???. I was expecting a video where they are playing golf in the rain

SkyCat AJ

Wow. That was a beautiful story with an even lovlier lesson. Definitely a like from me.


Man ur transitions are so smooth and the music always gets merry Christmas

Te Gusta Oficial

Papel : 65 centavosVídeo:65 milhões

Rylan Keslar


Maddy Jenkins

Seahawks is my towns favorite! Go hawks!

Pizazzy Snazzy

3:36 lool this is that meme on instagram

fingers maloy

You should do it at a trampoline park

Supa Sports

The bottle buster was setup.U could tell.

Alex VanDover

Honestly, I have never seen such consistent quality from a channel like I see with you Guru. You are inspiration to me and video editing hobby as well, thank you for this channel!


Hey what is the song called in the part where the editors upload the video.

MMJ Plays

Can this win slam dunk contest

chris lovick

Sally Kim

"my mom abuses her" me: ☹️

ZayZay does fortnite

Danget 6 years late lol

Cj CrystalCats

I love the baby’s face at 6:00

Jhope Stan

Losing a parent isn’t easy. It’s the hardest thing ever. My mother died when I was 9 and they never gave me the chance to see her and tell her the last goodbye. I still remember that time when all of my life became dark. July 19 2015, this date was the time I lost the most important person in earth. Stay strong.

andrew Pace

Brad paisley should be next

Frootloop Chewer

Vikings by far



Charles Sutherland

When you die on Minecraft 1:02

(If I was in her place and get a C+, I would be sad, cuz in our class C+ = 6,which is a very bad grade...

Emmy Te Narwhalicorn

“School of wizardry” oh so she is jk Rowling. The greatest writer ever.

Elijah Perry

I’m crying😭



Pretty Water



Dude you have the best comps iv ever seen. I love how simple and quick to the point they are. So many of these types of videos now days have to have a long ass intro with dubstep music blaring and have to listen to the narrator for half hour listening to him beg you to like and subscribe everything. Hope you see this comment Guru! Keep up the good work and awesome videos.

Khurram S Bhatti

Poor panda

Tachy Guiglioni

Uhhh si entiendo mucho la puta madre

Skylar Po

writing an exam tomorrow on Liberalism in IR and this helped!


`Purple hozer has won.


Ooo Ooo Ooo I got it... Me me pick me -raises hand- DAMN IT ITS LUKE SKYWALKER'S LIGHTSABER RIGHT??

Home boys

lmao, i swear I only clicked this video because I thought the video's title was, 'My wife left me for another woman and it saved my life'

Doctor Jones



Hahah the end is hilarious xd

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Lance Grapes

must have paid lots of money to do that video




tha chainsaw easter egg is a refrance for scarface

Monroe Robbins

I can empathize. I have really bad anxiety, and characterize it as a rumpled kid who... I’m grateful to not be as hateful as Anne. I call them Robin, a kid who’s constantly afraid and overthinking and runaround. I can definitely empathize with having an Anne, and I’m sorry you do.

Jeff Achterberg

You should work on your video editing skills cause the whole shot looked fake.. Unless it was fake.. Freakin Aggies

Sebastian Rodriguez

Tys rage monster had me dieing for hours


lol the golden spork

Tablet hide


Nobody thinks you’re pretty


Ouhhhh I missed this.....

Samidha Kulkarni




1- shoot a flaming crossbow bolt at an apple on top of the person's head