Kid Temper Tantrum FAKING Sick To Play Season 6 Fortnite Instead Of Going To School - BUSTED game vbhf games

Kid Temper Tantrum FAKING Sick To Play Season 6 Fortnite Instead Of Going To School - BUSTED

fortnite season six is now out and Leland has been waiting for days. Now that the new season is out Leland claims to be "sick" but daddy isn't going to full for it. **CHECK OUT OUR NEW TWITCH CHANNEL FOR MORE LIVE VIDEOS! in the family knows that Leland just wants to stay home and play fortnite season 6 instead of going to school. Daddy has to carry Leland to the family van to get him off the xbox and to school. After dropping the kids of at school the parents had to go to some doctor appointments that lasted all day.Hey everyone! Thanks for watching our videos! Our family is made up of Leland aka Kid Temper Tantrum, Leanna, baby London, Dad/ Lee, and Mom/Carole. We are a family channel that does vlogs and skits! Our kids love acting and making up videos for you! Be sure to subscribe and leave a comment letting us know you were here!Have you subscribed to our other channels?◔ ⌣ ◔ Oh Shiitake Mushrooms Gaming ⌣ ◔ Leland's Awesome Videos ⌣ ◔ Leanna's Cute Videos⌣ ◔ I See London Facebook- Instagram- Twitter- Tshirts- videos with tantrums are SKITS! We do these for FUN, including the kids in planning them. Safety precautions are taken and no one is ever in any danger. We all hope they make you laugh!See more videos of Kid Temper Tantrum VIDEOS ARE PROTECTED UNDER COPYRIGHT.

Mom: WeLl YoU sHoUlD pLaY oUtSiDe.

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Let's face it 73,999,999 of those views were because Panda was in the thumbnail 😁(The video at the time currently has around 74,000,000 views that is why I said 73,999,999 just want you to know that cause there's those type of people)


where is Jeff Gordon btw ? :D


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How The Fuck do u find all this footage and stuff

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I’m crying my eyes out!!!!! This is soooo sad 😞

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Tyla can you marry me? Seriously u ar really good man luv u <3 (u need to be sign by lyrical lemonade the style of Cole Bennet for the clip would be perfect ) (sorry for my bad English I’m French)

Thunder gaming


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2:18 woahhhh

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My mom is a nurse and didn’t recognize I was near death.


And there's still people who aren't grateful for going to school. What would you do if you were this girl?

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No. There isn't sound in space.

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apparently my state looks like a foam finger? ummm sure you could say that.


He's not a real gamer

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I can’t believe this is the least viewed video on their channel...

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I need this trailer in 1080p

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Cant believe they revealed this at e3



And will there be saber stands like in Jedi academy.....please say Yes

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Stay strong ❤️💙

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I liked the Jeep.. Can u give details abt it

Ok epic

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What Means Halla??

malek malek


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What's that song at 7:50 ?

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my husband beats me and fortnite

Doxie Pop Tart

the crysis 2 one was hilarious

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Cory the arrow swisher