Learn French: The best basic French toolkit game ultraman 2 games

Learn French: The best basic French toolkit

Learn basic French, with Fluenz founder Sonia Gil. In this lesson you will learn what you will need to survive on your first day abroad. Click here to learn more about the Fluenz programs:


jermaine hill

Theres no reason why there should any dislikes

Trevan Alcaton

174 people are disabled


Angelo Alto


Entonces ya te perdí


I know It's early and annoying to ask this again, but have you ever thought about making a video on The Walking Dead: Season Three (When it's available) and Batman? (These two games were developed by Telltale Games)

PG Tryhard

Is the bitch gay?

Fck you

Fernando Luna

Keep up the good work


The way he said vitamin made me wanna kill myself

Goddamnit, stop doing this to me... Guru, tell me why my eyes are watering like this

Dude Perfect

Pumped y'all love Overtime! Comment your favorite segment: Betcha -- Wheel Unfortunate -- Cool or Not Cool -- Fun with Dentistry

(help me)


LIKE         for mlp duh

sandy bludson

every time ty get sad or mad

Normen Huntsman

Now thats an cute egg

I am Cloud

Damnnnnnnn fire

something here

where’s the way too loud group of people that annoy other people who don’t care about the super bowl

Alex Jasso

Holy shit after all these years of looking at the statue of happiness, I never once noticed it was Hilary. Lmao

Stewart Grindlay

2:44 looks like Micro Machine games


Is that glue70 - casin in the intro?

Jazz Mania

Congrats Tyler 🎉 for your 2baby

Colleen Green

Do a blog on when you get the diamond play button



The Saturday Night Special

Fucking New Yorkers...


My brain hurts


well i´m not the guy who says ""this is fake" alle the time, i wouldn´t say this is fake too, but i´d more say this is just impossible to do^^

Italianice Eater

Its buttercopperscotch

Chase Sienna

Like soccer ⚽️ Comment 🏈 foot ball

Haru morales

2018 I'm whatching this

Nik Bonneau

At 5:49 when he turns on music the music the song that plays is a million miles an hour by nickleback

Moon Girl

He looks like your dad


Border of the libtardiansfeminaziland 3... thx, but nope.


Lmao @ the ending

Xx_ Cookie_Xx

Most of those related to me but if I tell me mom she'll say "Its just the phase of life your going through" but ive been feeling like that for years I'm in the 7th grade but I just didn't understand why my emotions go to being sad or mad to being happy within a second


RvB is now on Netflix.

Levi Ackerman Nightcore

I am so sorry this happened to you... I...I have no words about this guy. He is so gross...I just can't even

abdallah maktabi

Germany won and France

A True Star Darling

you went into labor at three am. hmm. if the baby was BORN at three am the baby would most likely be cursed for the rest of his or her life.

soft n tired

OK,,,, for those of you defending the homophobic side, saying that this isn't homophobic... if sexuality were switched out with something else, like say,, race, would it still be okay? Because by your logic, if that little girl said instead "I don't agree with the black community" its perfectly fine too, because she "doesn't hate black people, she's not racist! she just doesn't agree with a part of their identity that they can't control!" Right?!?!

Gacha Girl

I can’t believe this..🥺


Oh my god, Justice League did not just went there lol 😂

Ashik Basha

Amazing person s