Let's play in PJ Masks Nighttime adventures rumblers track playset with Rusty Rivets! - DuDuPopTOY game xay nha minecraft games

Let's play in PJ Masks Nighttime adventures rumblers track playset with Rusty Rivets! - DuDuPopTOY

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_Pink Pear_

Jake and the narrator kinda have a relationship like the main character from The Kissing Booth

Yo Lost Child

There is also one more Easter egg I think,idk if it is but at the beginning of the game when you're on the boat, as you get to the part where you have to kill your first thug, instead of going up the ladder go over to the locked hate and in the top right corner you'll say the name Lynch pop up, and when you climb up the ladder you see a guy with the name Kane. I just noticed it lol

Koda Cook

Ty had 16 dunks including 1 block and 1 full court shot. Way to sum up the wordT E A M😂

Jeddy Bear

As an epileptic diagnosed 11 years ago, I find this beyond relatable because I went through the same thing at 12 years old. If you're someone with a lifelong condition, don't let it slow you down. I know Some days are harder than others. Do your best and hang in there 🖤

Ethan Lo.

And once again YouTube's recommending system has brought us all together


any1 from 2017?

brad wallingford

Did anyone notice the crocked field goal thingy? At 1:44?

Xvere 11

All shots

Logan Grimsley

When they say trickshots i think 360 n scope

Lori O'Sullivan

I wish someone other than ty would win. No offense 😂

Alajah Rion

Stephen Curry

I fear that I won’t do all the things I wanted to do.

Iilscrew Screw

Hit or miss

this is brand new.

Gghhh Ihuhn

You should have tried putting it out with fire extinguishers and see what that does. Put it in dry ice also... and you should also educate WHY magnesium does that.


I thought there was a tomb or some stone carving on Villa in Rainbow 6 that had the assasins symbol on it

OMG this girl has so much advice on everything

Itzi Diaz

4:50 why does the baby have a beard already


there's a part in mgs2 where you send ottacon pictures you take of metal gear, if you send him pictures of a pantsless soldier he'll laugh and if you send him a picture of a pin up model he'll say he's "saving them for later" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


They only over celebrate because it takes them millions of tries to actually get the trick shot


the more they celebrate the longer it took to make the shot

nolan eilers

Scared me so bad.


if you love dude perfect  click goodjob

lil mike

4:57 the panda😂😂

Brigid McCrea

More fencing vids!  Love them!

#Killer Wolf

All of the adults are so rude to him except the mom

Kaia Fischer

My friends mom thought my friends were at my house and they weren't and they were in their house upstairs in their rooms but their mom thought they went missing xDD

Usis 13

Fire purple? New character?

serendipity euphoria


James McMahon

I want some chicken nuggets

Lauren G

When u heard "look at all those chickens" I nursed out laughing oh my god. Plus the ending is gold

The old shadows Aka leonsniper17

Wen he said srrkkk srrrk i8 if was heattttttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Alicia Montgomery

team ty

Mikaela Gross

I wanna be friends with Mary

Angel Heart Ortiz

Anxiety and panic attacks I been going through this since 1974 and am 49 now it's been hell like being in prison in your own mind the medicine I take helps me and the Therapy bipolar disorder is a Challenge every day but I go on with life it's always sunny in the end of the tunnel.

Luna Wolfe

What a beautiful Duwang.

Joseph Lalli

Ty slam dunk edition

Pootis Man

Hey uhh James, you do know that they’ve rebooted the Dark Crystal. I wonder if this is the first comment that has mentioned this

Gustavo Hartwell Pinkman

Why does this have the Tom Clancy name on it at this point? Or the Rainbow Six name? At least Tom doesn't have to see what's become of his work...

Scullywag LeScrumpy

whisper more sweet little nothings into my ears guruuuuuuuuuuuuu~

connor durglo

Good editing on idea 9#

The Reasts





many people dont have this game? ITS AMAZING! everyone SHOULD have it...

Oliver Doningo

0:41 the newest twins!

the grim pug

ok i guess ill stab myself in the heart

Kaelyn Stalter

I’m fine with death. If I’m going to go, I’m going to go fighting. I’d rather die young and a hero, saving a life, than living knowing I could’ve done so much more. Death is never the end, whether you just dream, whether you go to heaven or hell, or whether you get reincarnated, a miracle could always happen. You’re never fully considered dead until you’re heart stops for good, which is a hard thing to tell. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.