Let's Rant About...Gamestop (Company Exposed From a Former Employee) game xay nha minecraft games

Let's Rant About...Gamestop (Company Exposed From a Former Employee)

Latest Gamestop Video Here: I use to work for Gamestop from early 2013 until July 2017, so I worked through some pretty awful conditions. I wanted to do a video about my experiences with the company and why I think it's failing these days.It's not a good place to work, and I urge anyone who still works for this company to get out now!Here's an updated Supplemental video on this subject:


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Great video as always Guru! Keep it up :D

I said I’m up for it and let’s see who’s boss .

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Happy ‘B’ day Cory and Coby


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this is really cool, especially the last one


Hopefully the dictators are getting punished for the horrible things they do!

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