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The Lioger

1:40 King Kong 😂😂😂


Dads are cool... wtf

Vesna Vick

Is this madden 13???


Max is somewhere in every LucasArts game from the 90s.

Daniel Mullins



Bro I’m 13 and 170 Idk if it’s my muscles because I’m strong af but i don’t look fat


No problem man, you're like my favorite guy on Youtube

debora ambroise

Why am I thinking about Yugi-Oh

gacha jordan

Cory is doing 10000000 awlfe

Adrian Scott


PVT. Rartard Wojack

"Never thought it would en like this, huh maria"

Jilly S

I miss Rachel!!

Chethan Kumar

Yes Coby will win

Braxton 0

Why is Tyler talking trash when he can't hit a target


They could have at least spelled it "youre" without the apostrophe.

Vikram Mishra

My old game

Maddison King

PoorCoryAre you warm yet 😎😎


Hi dude perfect can you do A trick shot video was skydiving


They're all so nice man!! Lebron is the only ahole who doesn't like Guillermo.


Good vid

Kayla Todd

Wow thats just amazing


His name is DAQUAN (AS A BOY)

Albert Perez


Chelsea Hamaker

I fatter my life and battles and it tuck me 5 mums to win my battle in baseball

mics twice

Sh*t! I have these symotoms

jobi thomas

Misses all game but banks in a 3 for the win

fu tseng




Celestial Loves

The further I watched... the more I realized how much of a "Paul" I am.

Kpop ruined my life

Some girls are stupid thought, they failed to be smart, guys would look at your character and then will decided to play you. Then you hear some girl complained that they got played. No matter what, he may be hot, he may be your crush or your boyfriend. Don't send nudes. Don't some of you girls don't know your values? To send a guy a dirty picture of you. I'm not saying all girls are stupid but I know some of then we're forced or may have been threatened and probably that's why they send it and then the guy trying to blackmail you for sex and if threatened that he'll exposed your nudes.

Ahmed Farisy

Dude Perfect Lakar Keng La Perfect......!!!

Georgia Llewellyn

Team ty all the way


*Ahem* Deadpool

Insert DVD

it says DJ. Khaled at 2:04 XD

•Gacha Laziness•

So mabey that’s why the dad gotta divorce...cause the mom was abusive..

The Sports Boy

did cory say the s-word?


Where is your office

_DEWG Gaming_


Alvian Puando

Wrong sorry you video are cool

Actual proof of what happens ^^^^^

Youssif As Shami

This video is so old. It was made years ago. But still fun to watch!

Rhys Rodriguez

My mom didn’t take it this far in to murder her baby was as small as a dogs paw but she’s still the same she got over it after a while probably because she already has 3 other kids

gacha life Chloe24

You're a hero!😊

It's really not easy to live with.


Team cory

Shaw Kid



One time I had a dream about Abraham Lincoln and genuinely thought for a week that he had been talking to me through heaven like wtf

Noah Groves

Try knife throwing trick shots.

Jovonna _wolfy._.

Me: beats her mom at fortnite