Maya chooses a profession for kids with Mary gameost games

Maya chooses a profession for kids with Mary

Maya wants to buy a toy horse, but she doesn't have enough money. Then Maya decides to earn her dream and chooses creative professions for kids. Maya becomes a family photographer, fitness trainer, singer, artist and nanny for little baby Mary.Made by channel: Maya and Mary


Everything was good until the office and I burst out laughing

Eli and Cameron Vlogz


Bleu Wolf

This was so beautiful😢😢😢😢😊

Jenny: Absence is Absent. Me: hey! Not bad!

In my case it was $80 to $120! Guards in Novigrad sometimes say "War, war changes everything". Sounds like Fallout to me.

ابو_ MaSa

اكو عراقي ايتابعهم


More Hockey

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Nùñez

this is more entertaining than the Oscars!!!!

Roc Goulburn

Film with Cristiano Ronaldo and/or Lionel Messi

Alexis Peterson

Is it bad I’m drunk right now

Siakam A-


How do u edit this, what software this looks flawless as fuck

Rino Rock

Moose nuts to rated r


Thank you so much for not talking in your videos dude. That gets super annoying these days. SUBSCRIBED!

Chris Watson

Drake acts the way he does and none of you guys say anything about that?? #Hypocrites

crazy epic games


Luis Jara

Fakest shot in history---.wind, no wind like seriously he didnt even think about it he just shot it which made it seem like they had it planned..The ball curves to the left which is his right from my laptop am guessing..once the ball is about to miss you can see they cut off that one and instead placed it with another small clip which hit the shot and to make it even more realistic the ball hits PERFECTLY in the middle to make a PERFECT backboard shot..Humans aren't that stupid.psh


The 911 is coincidence at best

Sheld Owned


Natalie Wagiso

Lucky Shotssssss😎❤👍😙

Adoption is an option. Friends friends

Riley Hester

Hold 1 to have a seizure

spookymae 666

i’m emo hearing peter say ‘that’s wade’ 🥺

아빠 슈렉

I had a panic attack whenever I heard this sentence

tartan deck

Very painful to watch Rest in Paradise

Aaron Clark

Dwayne Johnson

Melanie Palma

U should flip a trashcan

Banjo Friend

Imagine if he made all 3

I am c I can’t sit in PSHE when they talk about the effects. And all my friends think that I’ll be an alcoholic.

MadieZ 2004


Jojo Jojo

Best people ever

Aisya Rose

miss your amazing video

Dj DErpS a LoT

I really enjoy how Guru does his videos. He goes through the eggs slow enough to either think into it to understand it or just to get what it is and enjoy the fact that what is there is there. Keep up the work, Guru! :)

Yennie Fer

Reminds me of a Korean drama I've watched. It's called "Kill Me, Heal Me." I highly recommend it.

Mystic Investigations

Every 50 years or so everyone suddenly looks at old movies and becomes shocked at how inappropriate they were. The people who watched them were backward politically incorrect Neanderthals. Nothing worse than people judging history by current standards.

René Casaña

Now put burning magnesium next to vanta black to see who wins.

I’m thinking some dark cranberry red, brown, dark orange, white, obviously!! 😂 and etc.


Crysis made me laugh


When you guys find the panda, you should play basketball with him. Dude Panda FTW!!!

j m

Stereotypes ftw

Will Plowright

Cory and Coby are now my favourite dp characters



God Bless Joe Rogan -