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Mega64: Sonic Still Sucks

This again.


Dab on those hatters

Nur Sabrina

padildad should voice an anime

sid tallamraju

Well at least I'm pretty sure that this is taking place in the same universe as Spider-Man PS4. I think so

Burger boi

A car crash (from my dad but he is good driver) almost knocked out two front teeth

Black Vegeta

“You in a wind tunnel”

Moifi kea

Good thing i'm just an attention whore and don't have actual problems like these poor souls


I finally got a right diagnosis. Luckily at a young age, 21.

Mossa Abbas

Hi I downloaded your game I am stuck onLevel 11th tell me how to do it from moosa

“Everyone, I have an announcement.”

Cloudy WithAChanceOfRainbows

I still never had a ps4 or xbox one 😭😭😭

Ibrahim Abbasi

Who is panda,,,,,,,

Winter Beast

Wow Ty got skill

Anna Armstrong

I knew it was checkers

Ejx Baller


Galaxy Springy

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t celebrate I think he just screams

David Morgan

Star wars meets assassins creed


LOL with those fuckin' lint rollers as a microphone. 😂

Ronak Rajpoot

4:46 - 4:56 like a boss😎


i gotta agree u gotta call them banks

Sadie Sussman

I new it was checkers


Best put together video I've seen. On the fence about getting it not any more.


My favorite had to be the RAGE MONSTER!!!#craZ  

Yeah No Fuck You

I found the statues from doctor who accidentally when my friend let me to play it for a little bit of time and the statue part is the only part that I've watched in doctor who so don't expect a reference from me


Um, what does he say at 4:49?

Matthew Blood


TDG 1311

the dark crystal age of resistance is coming on Netfix and it's better than before

Big Tasty

2019 or anytime after anyone?


Im an underrated console player

Daksh Gupta

Congrats garrett


FK red meat, glad i allready ate chicken and fish for most of the time.