Men 1 Mile Oslo Bislett Games Diamond League 2019 game fx waco tx games

Men 1 Mile Oslo Bislett Games Diamond League 2019

Basti Lessmann

Cool Minisode!

Packis Back

Team necklace

Jethro Cordero

YOUR THE COOL GROUP I SEEN IN THE REAL BEST OF 2017 YOU GUYS ARE GREAT......I wish I've been in your group ;-;

Paulo Enabe

dude ,you're perfect!

N1ght L1gh7

I’m the same play guy


Guru do you find these easter eggs by yourself?

Tristan Gocool


Visal Game

Are you from Cambodia


See Battlefield 1 is sticking with good old world war 1 and titanfall 2 is just a sequel of the first game which was great but needed some tweaks here and there plus we get a giant cloud strife sword with mixed in with raidens electric sword from metal gear revengeance. Call of duty pay 80 bucks to get mw and we will make two different season passes so we can take more money.


2:21 jojo's walk lol😂😂


In my opinion dishonored is like Red Dead Redemption. It's a great game, but they can't make a sequel without doing two things: A.) They make it the same game (Location wise), or B.) They take away everything that makes it a good game.

IronMike 2021

1:49 stereotypes


WTF was that in the end

alex mendez

pay attention to the song on the radio and its the same tune as the song from the ending of portal 1

Alfred Rose


April Aznar


Gaming with Princess

Im so exited to watch the movie!! Im a big fan


U should say the unprepared guy

something happened...

Skyler Smith

Who’s watching in 2025

Whitu - Foxu c:

ugh what an annoying girl ;-;

Kryptic Cyborg

this was the vid that I found about dude perfect memories

Zain Khan

That was very nice of you to go to Africa to bring happiness to them

Plot holes: violets are blue

Memer gaming NL

Olaf dies in endgame by the way

Alvin Krawchuk

Me too


They should use more powerful bikes like 125’s


I have a step daughter and we only add the “step” when it’s necessary. But it rarely is. I love her so much she is my baby. She’s always called me mom since she was little. Her bio mom is in her life but she only sees her once a every few months. She has 2 moms that love her one that lives with her and one that doesn’t. I’m glad she lives with me because she’s my kid and I want them al to be with me.

Sometimes I feel like I just want to die bc of it but I can’t do anything. I should be happy for my family 🙏🏽❤️

Dylan T

How does nobody respect his college game and what he did for Texas A&M, everyone just likes to talk trash about his NFL days

Ben Scott

Team ty


I love Christmas because I get to drink egg noggin’

Markus Nävergård

So this is the ending to Legend of Zelda 2, Links adventure "return of ganon"

Braeden Montgomery

STOP BULLING CORY GUYS😡😤😤😤😡😡😡😤😤😤😎😎😎😎😎😑😑😑😑😞😞😞💀💩

Nicole Tran


Perlita Fernandez

My older cousin obvi has a cellphone and when I saw her message app she had like 138 messages and i asked my older cousin why are there so many messages and she said well most of them are scams I was shocked :0

Dave K