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derek flegg

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Westy Wilson

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Kathy P

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Dolo AP

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Orlando Sanchez

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1:23 on the right is smile dog :(

Eli Diette

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Monkey Man


Kenzo Adrian

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Skylar Rose

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Calvairo 's here

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1H1L Memer

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Muhc Agabon

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i have not played inside but i wanna say that the blob was a hacker who hacked the system cuzing the computer not to control the humans(whatever they are). so i would say that at random times the computer was controlling the kid and the blob was. and cuz why would the blob remove him self from the control machine. so in the second play thru the kid was controlled by the blob and the blob made the kid remove the switch which destroyed everything in the game. sorry for bad english and sorry if i am wrong as hell i have not played the game. guru plz read my comment . plz

Ona’s cool Vids

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Elizabeth Esparza

thought i was gonna have a heart attack out of excitement!!!!

Yavuz Selim Çağan

i believe one of the most important things in the game is music choices. It is quite clear that these guys always choose the true music.

Chloe Mcleod

Just saying better than jake Paul’s world record