Kobe Bryant Joins First Take | First Take | March 27, 2017 game phalaborwa games

Kobe Bryant Joins First Take | First Take | March 27, 2017

Kobe Bryant joins First Take in Los Angeles to talk about the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers, his retirement project "Canvas City: Musecage" and players like LeBron James sitting out during games.Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: NOW to ESPN on YouTube: Get more ESPN on YouTube:First Take: with Michael & Jemele: with SVP: Is SportsCenter: Must-See: ESPN Stories: on Social Media:Follow on Twitter: on Facebook: on Instagram: ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on ESPN.com:

May And Bella

I hate it when ppl in my calls say I have ocd I’m just a perfectionist 💁🏼‍♀️

Captain Unicorn

Thanks to God

Calvin Ohrt

I want it for 18,000

fuad stephens

do you guys kinda just bring basketball hoops everywhere

stay positive and know you're cool

Connor Mathias

I've never played Dear Esther. Do the ghosts only start showing up after you find the one in the tower?

ball_out .9

Human controller

Anda con una amiga que es como su jeva

Rasse Engdahl

+FunWithGuru 0:58 easter egg iside the video! top left corner!!

He went above and beyond for both your children but you’re too self absorbed to give a shit about them aren’t you. Really hope you wake up one day and appreciate your original, real family, not the family which makes you money.

Walter Acevedo

Now, Kojima is God.

Austin Paul

Love the video

The LegendaryGamer

I'm gaid I'm not a raps fan

Jessica Baez

The baby is so formed usually boys are to form quicker than girls but I can’t wait to know your due date and gender! 😭💓

Shawn Kannler

he saw it

Bean Juice

Were the dads wearing fake beards


I knew it was checkers

one minute facts

Only their faces match....for avengers 😍😍😍

yassin eslam

why did you censi

Green Raven studios

At 10:48. (Remember no Russian)

Michael Petrilli

2:04 best shot


JEONGYEONNNNNNNN ♥️🍒💕💗🎈🍊💌💗💕💖💕❣️🎀🕊

Uk Bikelife

4:46 beautiful red head

Sherry Malik

I felt so bad for Anwar

34 trending in america. I hope it goes higher

Tahir Jamshed

A person can't imagine hard work behind This video, specially the intro


did anyone notice that Coby was not in the video at all

Rubiothebunny Mendoza

I had the same thing my dad use to get drunk but he stoped at my 10 birthday and I'm 11 i forgive him but i still remember it i cried when i saw this video

Go Cart


Pat Smith

Didn't realize how insecure some women are. and isn't this guy that made the vid just predating on this insecurity to play "the good guy", all those strategic edits. bruh, super dodge.