My BFF's boyfriend professed his love… FOR ME | Jordan's Messyges game xay nha minecraft games

My BFF's boyfriend professed his love… FOR ME | Jordan's Messyges

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Lucas Rausch

I guess that day they turned fall damage off

Douglas Montañez

Canción más preciosa😍😍😍

William Walker

What about pa

Joseph Campos


Guys are like moto moto

Max Stevenson

hey dp i think you guys should do a battle if ty looses he will have to shave his beard



Why do you not like Texas Longhorns?



Hamza Al Khaldi

Is it only me or does Tyler look like Tim Thomas when Hesse under that mask

Party Petusum

Why can i relate to? I dont know if i have a disorder, diagnosing yourself is dangerous

Beth Halpain

oh hell yeah

Bushi Puwit


Tea Time

We all need to change our ways, unless y’all want to drown

Assassin Gaming/ dat boi

The third loop was not a loop

Jared Byrd

whos watching this in 2016


Wait, you mean you short people don’t walk 2 blocks per step?

Andrew K

Lacrosse is baseballs inferior little brother

You should have plenty to cover with all the Muslim rape gangs that have groomed and had their way with children in the UK.

Max Carlin

Coby or Cory will win

Connor Smith

How do you find all these easter eggs?

Katon Dewangga

Too much positive energy from this young dude, it's crazy!

Toast_Bread 24



Beautiful editing, it makes the video great to watch.

whitboy v

rage monster

Emily Scallan

This is why is will never go on a plane again


you know that if your first chute fails you cut it then put out your second one so... this is fake lmao

Kpop Trash

Can we just give a round of applause to whatever artist has the time and patience to do this?! like- nAmE sOmeoNe mOre tALeNteD beSiDes bOb rOsS, iM wAitiNg

Lady Cormix

throw a tiny wisk in there and just casually mention how you didnt come here to work out....

Victor Leal

ey guru, quero o teu cu

Me: WTH I just watched it before this.........................................)

Fern Tidalgo

You sound like a girl. XD jk no offense.

You can't fail. The game fails on its own. And you suck for trying to defend that crap.

Queencool45 AJ

The Amazing World of Gumball joke made me laugh the first time I seen it lawl

...Remember: People that smile are not weak, but the other way around. They surely went through something in their life but still... they are not crying(at least not in front of others)! They are keeping it cool and that's good... for others... not always for them too... you can't hold everything in yourself and if you do... it won't end well... TRUST ME... (i know...)

The comedy thing

the damn end of it

Bertha Solis

She’s jk Rowling



That dom and maria one really got me, ive been a fan since the first gears and its been my favorite franchise out of every game series long live the gears of war

Derek Anderson

boooooooooooo Russell wilson

Zackster C

The silent splash

Henry Negan

You do such a great job at these easter egg videos keep it up :)

[Verse 2: Craig Xen]

Kurtis Bounds

2:03 He is also there in Borderlands 2, and has a challenge associated with him.

MFS Blade

The Cowboys and the lions in the super not possible same conference

RE Sports

Gimme a break! Tyler always wins!!!!

Chissta Kateb

I was born with ivf :)


Number one...WHAT THE FUCK!?

William Gomez

is tyler

Super Krůta

How long did it take to you to find all these easter eggs?


you forgot the shaundy easter egg

Renate Gaffney


Dudley Dursley

Im autistic and i can relate to this guy rn