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NEW 2019 Install Tweaked Apps & Games FREE iOS 12 - 12.3.1 / 11 / 10 NO Jailbreak iPhone iPad iPod

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I'm thinking there's got to be more references, that I' ve missed as well... I feel like the game is a giant compilation of hundreds of references. I'm sure links can be found somehow for the radio tower falling, the "ghost girl" in the basement, the dollhouse in the basement, Sam's bathtime (is that a really stretched Psycho reference when he comes in?), Jess running out of the cabin to yell at who she thinks are the others, the asylum has to be a reference in some way as well, Hannah's head... I feel like they're all references that I just haven't 'placed'.

Iga Paterska

I think these stories are fake, how can she litterly speak english PERFECTLY when she is from Korea?

Nevin Selby

In 2019 u r still making videos 😁 :P

Nazmin Narsyarul Minhat

Wow dude perfect so cool the coolest one is the blind fool vidio!

We'd like to keep on living!

Soggy Wheat thins

Any one here in 2019


can do easter eggs Duke Nukem Forever?

Kylee Grace

It helps to read the description, It is confusing though, I just want to see it I've always loved Elsas character

numaan uddin

I have played all the series of gta but gta v awesome waiting for gta vi hw will it be


Water skippin' colorsplosion

Ricardo Gonzalez

James can do a movie like Austin Powers 😂


I do hope you guys like this one, It was one of the more requested videos I've gotten recently. I wasn't enjoying making this video too much surprisingly but I'm pretty happy with the results. I hope to do Gears of War next (my favourite series for easter eggs). There should hopefully be a new video out next week too. 

Jarmo Verriet

What was the Doctor Who episode you used a clip of in this video? I can't remember the name.


in borderlands 2 thats normal

SamSoccer _07

3:20 I don’t think any of that was planned 😂Except for the last and first ones


You are super funny, you have a nice voice, your interests are pretty much unique. Absolutely an interesting guy. I'd love to see more videos like this! Don't stop making them please :D

Developer: Perfect! We'll put it in the game!


RIP Cody’s grandpa😭

im Nayeon

Break break breakthrough

Music guy

wow i cried

Savannah Lee

I would ‘go crazy , go stupid’

Makayla Sejkora

I want a snow day!

Bēs Smāā 0609 Elf SJ

Her brother is so nice


Truth words at the end

Jaiswal Siddharth

When they were poor

Dhairya XXX

Real Madrid

Roaring Thunder115

Walt Disney? Wow

cookie lover

Poor girl...and its good of u being muslims!

padmakshi acharya

I know it might sound weird but can you do "stone trick shots"


The Office part 🤣