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NEW Install Tweaked Apps & Games FREE IOS 12 - 12.3.1 / 11 NO Jailbreak NO Computer iPhone iPad iPod

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it is not an m it is a w for wumbo

Jimmy Nihckol

I born on the 21st of June

XxSnow_ AngelxX3

Well he sure to be living 100 years :$

DJ Killer

are u OhhGuru on PS3

Zoe Lebedinsky

Ocd isn't being super even and neat

Nha Do

All ofyou made me laugh

Owen Lewis

Change ur apartment change the world

Rosalia Rabago

It would take me like 500 tries to master any of these trieshonestlyor maybe it would take forever to master any of these trick shots

Alejandra Cornejo


P.S. sorry for my broken english, i tried hard haha)

Oh cool have a fun time

Lightning Mcqueen Gaming

i want to die

Izuku Midoriya

Ok see ya in 2021

sqUe ek

He looks like Tony Stark 😝😝


2019 ??

Chris Vergara

Halo reach. Fantastic game


a week before this video, they uploaded a video about transforming into the old "cringey" dolans. watch them come back to this video 5 years later and cringe to grayson saying "dolo"


The 890 dislikes dont want Guillermo to win


Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4 just suck.*

Kendall Nicole

“West Virginia looks like a frog.”


2020 anyone?


Leoncio Fenecios

Team Tyler

Edit: Before I get any triggered people commenting about my comment it's a joke



Elyse Tieu

yo this song is LIT

Kegan Jackson

The pogo stick guys went to our school one time the guy that attempted to beat the world record was there

Lucas Hately

I love dude perfect


why do people yell "FAAAKKKEEEE" to something that was intentionally meant to be fake... you might as well yell "YOUTUBE VIDEOOO!!!!!" :S

Andreas Östlund

2:35 look at the license plate

Laurie Holmlund

Wish she would stop recommending the Scott Barnes brushes that are SOLD OUT! I’ve been on an email list waiting for a restock for MONTHS!


On Your computer type "do the Harlem Shake"

tyler hill

Is henny and cereal actually good

I use youtube to browse for dank memes

another one

Shannon MarieG

I actually understand where he’s coming from but me, myself wouldn’t be able to do that

chloe carey

The problem is my depression is always on and off and around them it’s mostly off so I feel like they won’t believe me. But my guidance counselor really thinks I have depression and that I need to tell my parents, but theyve so much on they’re plate already and I don’t want to break their hearts. Because they’ll be sad if I am I just don’t know what to do

Tereik Nba and Artist

Rip😢 I wish I could do something about this I hate seeing people getting hurt

Wolf Gaming

Ready to rage in 2k 20.......Lots of games released in 2020.....😋

Me: What?

Cringe Comp


kim jisootazza2with

1 like=1 slap for the teacher


I know people will probably think this is Fake but I promise it isn't. Look at other videos of it on Youtube if you don't believe me or try it yourself. Also you need to tap the button very VERY fast, I mean like your having a spasm in your hand kind of fast. So I tense the muscle in my arm which causes my hand to shake and i can press it faster, you know, I'm just giving a tip.

Jasper Bayless

Poor shark - PS when I was on a trip in Alaska I caught a 7 foot shark.

Gordon Ramsay

feels like a teaser tho


i like the video to but No shit?

madie17 SP

I actually like loops.ITS SO SATISFYING TO ME

wizard of oz 47

More like the puig

virdewinder singh

came here just for my man JEFF