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NEW REGGAE 2019 || Top 20 Reggae Mix Popular Songs 2019 || Greatest Popular Songs

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Maxwell Derpherp

Why 3 weeks? Just wondering

Aj Ptn

4:48 why such a pause? NVM my audio just glitched


Was the thumbnail Clickbait!?!?

Será Mesmo? Em?

Entendi Tudo Porque Sou Gringo,Língua Dos Et-s


Another druken game of Trials


Its been almost 3 years but I think I'm going to re download this game

I still think MGS has enough Easter Eggs to make a Top 20, but this was a great video anyways! Good job, Guru :3


I'm pretty sure any "adult jokes" in Nickelodeon sitcoms are actually just Dan Schneider laughing at not being caught.

orbulescu sebastian

umm... what did I just saw at 17:04 ? it's funny af

King Mansuri


Sam Maitland

I was Anorexia as well. I am Anorexia... I can relate. I am on the road to recovery, but I should have Anorexia. It isn't pretty.

Shek Md Mokter

U guys make it look so easy but when i try it is to hard

Daiva Juciutė

Daimond is unbrakidle unles another daimond

Aka kaspszyk

check out my shots. it would mean a lot. aka kaspszyk

iura play Riku


zZSkatmanZz KlownBoy


Rainn Purath

Purple hoser all the way

jorge medes Mendes


Wait a minute do you know filipino

Fox tamer K9

I’m a rage monsterall time

Bat Man

I saw h20 delirious see Harry potter


I subbed your channel with all of the devices in my house!


A turkey sandwich

Jai Castellanos

@singhabhishek083 No, you just saw his body without hair.


i wonder how people find that...

Fernando Almeida

Uasn hacks

Lalo vlogs23

Look corys face when cody takes his Phone and puts it in the water

TOM TRON 2125&3



Hot and Great with handling balls,girl of my dreams!!!

He orphanage abused them

Alan Teeter

I want to see a video where they replicate some of these levels. I know it's probably impossible but still sounds cool.

Daddy John

World of warships is the best

Mr Levis

"perfectly fine to have 2 wifes" , what is this ? israel ?


OmG iTs JoHn WiCk FrOm FoRtNiTe

chicken nuggets

Panda forever

Lady Pink's Gacha

'I hope I find someone to talk to' You have a psychiatrist for a reason!

M Louise

boom ba fish boom boom cash cook cash coin cash ca was coom ca coom day this and play in reverse

Hào Đinh Tấn

the last one tho XD

Charlotte Tan

Who else always cries at these vids😥

1. Avoid negative people - spend time with calming people who uplift you and encourage you.

Cɑкє_ вυи Вυи

Actually sometimes it’s meat 🥩 that makes those stuff cuz meat has something that isn’t good for human body. Ik you won’t believe me maybe, and also if your in a state of dying always think that nothing will hurt u because once u do it won’t hurt u.