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Casian Ciuclea

Dude perfec super duper ulta gameplay

77 yuka



kurumi Grills

I had a hard preganacy and birth a breach with a baby boy 6 pounds and 2 oz 20"long at 36 weeks and 5 days early

Lucky Titan

you sure you don't need a helmet?



Cj Schubert

That's cool

Darius Barnard

March 2018


do a dance off

Tisha S

Do hockey streotypes!!


I went from bullied to bullied


Hit me.... I don’t want u to hit ON me with some cheesey pick up line I want you to HIT ME

Esmeralda esparza

Alice Ri

In 1:30 thos rock are from brave i think maybe

Reads the caption: Please let this be Jojo.

Your mom

thr reaper one was pretty sick

Nicolo Leblanc

2018 anybody


I tick on all of them!


Imagine being able to do these consistently


Prince EA exposed : — a fraud


Your videos are great. I can't wait for another one. :)

Marge 2225

I knew it was kim jong un the moment i saw those two men and when he said family business.

Nina Bache

I thought it might be a kiss or a puppy

Sailesh Bhandari

Why is only try taking the trick shot

Snopek aka Snopeczek

It was easy xd



A.T. emfinger

Can't tell if this is an Easter video or an April fools video

Warda Mou

Next will be cricket

Mar ley

Good story’s but ALWAYS clickbait titles

Emilia Plays

The dislikes are the people who don’t care about loved ones

Paulo K

What a baboon. Shameful display.

The Duck

Coby wins no question ask so come coby

Camden Briggs

next is sleeping

Jamie Logan

Do a vid with Kyrie Irving

Ethan Smith

Hold up. If you flushed the toilet, surely the wallet should have gone into the pipes... So maybe the wallet only fell in after you flushed.

Anil Kaya

cool Video Guru :)

Bshnjwnj Jskakd d

3:09 of is when he starts singing. Ur welcome

You got it, girl, you got it (Ayy)

Austin the Boss


Miyazaki Kang

5:30 my fave

Brandon Furlane

in the rage monster, holy moly they must've got hurt bad!

Xavier Rios

Some times I'm Mr freeze

Professional anime watcher

I thought this was called “hit on me”

Zymere Hamilton

u guys should do a swimming video

Emily Johnson

I lost my grandma and I still cry my grandma was every thing to me she was kind she loved us and I love her it was hard on me because I was 7 .5 years later and I wish I would have spent more time with her even though I spent most of my time with her the last day I saw her was on thanks giving she went to the hospital a few days later and died 3 days till Christmas so I am never really in Christmas mood but I hide it and continue on but I cry at least 5 minutes a day because that's how much I miss her here is one reason I came home from a kids church day crying

teen wolf night fury

Thats so sweet of you guys😉