Nightcore - Little game [ 1 hour ] game xapk games

Nightcore - Little game [ 1 hour ]

Little game by Benny and nightcore by me :3Original here :3Enjoy everyone ^~^ !!


:C Those tweets made me pretty sad, cool, but sad.

Isaac Kim

Dodgeball battle with the Avengers. Civil War style

phantom ninja

Tyler you said you are locked with your best buds but when you did the fish swish there were a lot of people

Movies: hold my beer

Papa Smurf

It is in Monsters Inc.


I love Here is love - City of Lions

Muhammad Khan

3:53 Best Thing in the world


Mowre one amazing video


She had her tray table up

SGmon Games

First to like

Not according to MacTavish.


3:29 benedict cumberbatch?

Iill Hughes

Trailer Editor: how many big scenes do you want to give away in the Frozen 2 trailer?Disney:Yes

Commander Comic

So the guy who voiced the guy in the glasses started from The Salad kid in Disney Junior to Having a voice Actor in COD Black ops 2 How the fuck does that work?

he protecc

Shital Mogdul

Last stunt amezing mind blowing stunt

Quinten Matheny

It’s funny because Coby said ‘this is for my future trophies’ and he got no trophies 😩


These guys.....are......amazing.

Katrin Thörner


Asuka Langley

Looks like a gigantic penis


How funny would it be if the baby dies

Dragonz By The Dozen

Everyone is beautiful in someone's eyes. Everyone is beautiful on the inside.Everyone is beautiful. Including you.

Chloe Dixon

😭so sad that this actually happens

Gilang Fauzan

So the earliest easter eggs from video games is not from adventure (Atari 2600)?


that music brings back good memories

Massira Hadouz

Coby never wins


Cate H

This video is dumb. If this video wanted to be slightly more realistic, then it wouldn’t exist. Literally no one talks like this. Also, this video clearly is biased against lgbtq+ people, since it is saying “uwu just because I am not gay everyone bullied me1!1!1!!1!!!1” like, honey, shut up. People were killed because of their sexuality. If whoever is reading this agrees with the girl in the video, that’s ok. She obviously has a strong religious background (like me) so it just boils down to “hate the “sin” love the “sinner.” (Except being gay isn’t a sin, it is a fact of life. The real sin here is homophobia. And this video.) in conclusion, after watching this video I feel like I need to take a cold bath. Then a cold shower, and another old bath. Even after that, I will still feel dirty. Thanks minute videos. How do you sleep at night.

coin of people

How did they make them

Abishek Chhetri

Your .story has changed our views I dont know about others but u have changed mine

me:mothers day special???

My Account Is A Disgrace

"I kinda feel spurny like I want to spurn." Umm wtf does that even mean. 😆

Bobbie Amore

Females have the worse time, Also, isn't there cocaine in the Scarface apartment?

Amir Hossein Ghorbani

the song at 9:05 makes me cry!


Oh my god, Justice League did not just went there lol 😂

Miami _Heat_New_305

Rest In Peace old guy


Lovethe jak series


Nice SR 3 glitch

Zelda Walkthrough

my favorite team is boston red socks

Aureene Mae Combo WL

😅😅i can't stop laughing for this

TMT Potato

Dukes gunna win this year

Griffin Wollowitz



Tyler needs to stop winning battles Garrett needs to win more than ty so ty stop winning